For once I am in agreement with the member of parliament and former minister Päivi Räsänen of the minute Christian Democratic party of Finland. She as a doctor has expressed in an interview, that Finland needs a law against all sorts of faith healing and such nonsensical and possibly harmfull alternative “medical” treatments, like the anti-vaccine movement.

However, I can not help the irony of the issue, as a while back she defended the right of doctors and nurses to refuse from providing medical treatment, if it was against their personal religious beliefs. I do not know, if anyone has ever asked her, how she feels about this obvious contradiction in her views – and honestly – I do not even care. I doubt that even such an obvious flaw of logic would influence her, or many others who share her indoctrinated religious identity.

It is quite telling and somewhat interresting, how the religious mind works. On one issue they see faith as a virtue, but faith in something else may be seen as what it is, a poor path to anything real. I know, I should be happy, that the Theist at least sometimes is able to recognize the obvious hazards and how poorly faith works in making any conclusions about reality, but I am not. I am appalled how blurred this can be in the mids of otherwise capable individuals.