The parliamentary representatives of the Finns Party (formerly known as the True Finns Party – rather revealing, eh) have had it hard lately. Their promises before the elections were not to give Greece more money, to decrease immigration and protect the poor and pensioners. They have now totally failed all of these and their popularity has dropped from being the second most popular party in the country as before the elections to being number five below the two main opposition parties. All this in a time span of six months. To be fair, not all of it has directly been their fault. Very few people predicted the current flood of refugees to Europe. To stay in this current coalition government the (True) Finns Party has had to comply to the wishes of the other too conservative parties in it, that are keen on cutting government spending. It is just sad those cuts are typically directed most crucially towards the poorest and most needy – and pensioners.

The latest predicament has been about the marriage equality laws. Starting from minister for justice and work Jari Lindström, who told the press, that he was reluctant to present the new law to the parliament. Well, boohoohoo. It is his job to present such laws and it was decided that this law would come to presentation by the minister holding this job already during the previous goverment. So, in accepting the job he full well knew, he would have to present the law.

A nother representative from the same party Mika Niikko gave a fiery speech about the subject. He claimed that the Finnish parliamentary representatives and ministers have gotten their job from a god and that is why he felt he had to ask the prime minister Juha Sipilä and the foreign minister Timo Soini, who also happens to be the leader of his party, where is their fear of the lord as they are accepting marriage between anything else exept a man and a woman.

I do realize that in the parliamentary system people choose their representatives and that it is impossible, or at least very hard, to set some sort of limits against idiots being selected (even though the ancient English common law says that idiots are not eligable), but could someone please tell this representative, that no gods are part of our electorial processes or method of forming a government? That in Finland the parliamentary representatives and ministers get their mandate from the people, not gods. That is why Finland is a democratic nation, and not a theocracy, or a medieval kingdom. Our last ruler who was officially appointed to the job by a god was infact the tsar of Russia, who was also the grand duke of Finland. That was some hundred years ago. Even him having such divine authorization to the job could be called questionable at best, wether one believes there are gods or not. Perhaps one of the fellow party members of Mika Niikko could tell him this, so that he would not make himself or their party an embarresement again. Alas, I fear I am asking too much…

I guess he really is so fiercely against marriage equality because he actually fears his god will get angry to Finland for us letting the marriage equality laws to pass. As for the part of the prime minister, not to mention the foreign minister, it would be also very nice if the parliamentary representative Niikko was, preferably very slowly, or with simple words and possibly with colourfull pictures, explained that these individuals despite their high status titles can do very little to stop a law from passing. Especially, if the parliament votes for it to pass, as has already happened in last year. It would be nice, that our representatives had at very least a clue as to how our political system works, and had no fantasies of our ministers weilding dictatorial power over our parliament.

Mika Niikko also attacked the archbishop of the state Lutheran church Kari Mäkinen, for having rejoiced for the motion to pass the gender neutral marriage equality law. Niikko seems not to have a clue about how our political system works, but he obviously evaluates himself better at interpreting the will of their common god, in comparrison to the archbishop. Perhaps, his theological skills exeed those of the archbishop, but judging from his feeble capacity to understand law and politics, I find this hardly likely.

I used to think that this sort of ridiculous right wing nutjobs were the problems of other less educated and less civilized nations, but it seems all these morons are simply crawling from the woodwork all over the place.