I was told by a Christian, that homosexuality is “abnormal”. What does “abnormal” actually mean?

I am not “abnormal” in the sense that I was a homosexual, but am I abnormal for being a Finn? Finns are a far more smaller minority in the world than homosexuals. Finns may be a majority in our own country, but being a Finn does not rub of when we leave here. Every Finn knows what tar smells like. Do you? An average Finn enjoys going to a crowded room, only if it is very hot and full of naked people and finds it relaxing if these people whip her/him with branches of birch. Do you?

What is “abnormal” to you may not be that to others. Is it then justified to deny people who love each other a possibility to get married with the person they love because they are “abnormal”, or simply just different in the eyes of someone else?

Is the definition of “abnormal” to be understood simply as a label on any minority? In that case all of us not speaking Chinese belong to a one “abnormal” minority or a nother and all those speaking Chinese are an “abnormal” minority in the sense that most of us speak something else. That would mean, such “abnormality” incorporated each and every one of us.

I do not think, that the use of the word “abnormal” is justified in the case of homosexuality, because it as a term, that also refers to dysfunction and as such misbehaviour and actual harm. In that sense, using the word in the sense, that homosexuality is somehow dysfunctional, is actually itself dysfunctional as it is clearly harmfull when homosexuality as such is not.

What it is, to call homosexuality abnormal, it is immoral. Because it is immoral to imply, that something, that is not harmfull, is harmfull. I wonder what led this Christian person to such a misuse of this word? Why was it not enough for him, that his god deems homosexual men worth stoning to death while keeping absolutely silent about lesbians, but he needed to claim, that homosexuality was somehow abnormal, simply because it is not the sexual orientation of the majority of humans, as if that excused his god alledgedly giving this obviously immoral law to some ignorant people in ancient days? The fact, that he could no more produce a god to back up his claim, than to produce any actual evidence, that homosexuality itself was harmfull, perhaps? Could that be why he resorted to this more or less inadvertent tactics of insinuation? I expect it was not his Christianity itself, that caused it as such, because I know plenty of Christians who do not share his absurd view. Was he deliberately using god as his hobbyhorse to justify his feelings of ikky towards a different sexual identity of others, or was it unitentional and a result of poor moral education? I do not know wether if I should even ask him, because how comprehensable, not to speak of rational response can one even expect, from a person on that level of stupid?