A new Finnish parliamentary representative of The Finns Party (formerly known aslo as The True Finns Party) Laura Huhtasaari has come out as a creationist. It remains to be seen how this affects her political career, but I did not know people in Finland could be this ignorant. I am not only referring to her, because a single idiot, religious extremist, or other tin foil hattery are not so rare anywhere. Rather I refer to the voters. Granted she did not campaign on this subject, but over 9000 people voted for her. Were they ignorant of her ignorance, or only concerned about the issues she capaigned with, wich were basicly education, keeping the roads in her voting district in good condition and getting more severe punishments to the sexual offenders?

It is surprizing, to say the least, that such a person with these very limited skills in evaluating reality is actually a professional teacher. How did she pass the university? It would be ridiculous, if we were not talking about such a serious matter. Her being a teacher of course explains why she lists education as an important issue. I wonder how she, or more importantly her voters now feel about her, when she has exposed herself to have such a limited understanding on science, and as the government part of wich her party is, has been cutting with a heavy hand from the funding of education, wich pretty much equals to pissing in your pants when it is sub zero. It might save you some money now and make you feel less cold for a second or two, but quite soon you are going to feel the sting of the cold. Especially this is so to a small nation like Finland, that has no other natural resources, than the high rate of education of it’s citizens.

She has since defended her views on evolution, though she first claimed not to comment the subject any further, no doubt in the fear that she actually could not defend such a ridiculous position. However, now as this made some headway in publicity, she made the effort to say, that even if she was not a Christian, she would find it hard to believe, that a man and an ape share common ancestry and that even science grows through doubt. Indeed, it does. Yet, the way she has expressed her reasons not to believe in evolution demonstrate how poorly she has understood the arguments for evolution. She has not put up a single scientific reason why evolution might not be true. She is simply referring to the small number of early human fossils, as if that had anything to do with the theory of evolution in grand scale not to be true. Why is it, that the creationists have so hard time to understand, that the evolution is not something that exists just for the human being to appear? That we are just one more by-product among so many others. Is it because their religious values set humans at the center of “creation” that they have developed this andropocentric and egocentric view?

It shocks me how such a person who has this bad skills in evaluating reality might be there to decide over national issues. This is not the only field where she has shown total and utter lack of understanding and knowledge. She has also claimed that the Roman empire fell because of decay of moral values. Famous pagan writers Cato and Tacitus who lived centuries before the fall might have agreed with her. Is she perhaps referring to the fact that the Roman empire had adopted Christianty as the sole religion just prior to it’s fall? Of course not, she is a devout Christian herself.

Laura Huhtasaari has also suggested brilliantly, that Finland should house the Finnish prisoners in Estonia. Apparently she thought this might be more economic, than to house them here. How shipping prisoners to across the sea would save any money and what the Estonians might think about this quite original suggestion had not crossed her mind before she went public with it.

This bright new political talent has lived in the US and clearly she has absorbed quite a lot from the political and religious life there. Sadly, it seems, only from the stupid end. It did not take long for the Finnish media to name her the Sarah Palin of the Satakunta  Рthe area from wich she was elected from. (Just for curiosity sake, Satakunta is an ancient name referring to the stora hundare Рa hundred and twenty, or so, men of the voluntary leidang fleet of the early Swedish kings). This was not so much in admiration as it was about Sarah Palin seen as a symbol of political right wing stupidity and ignorance.

I guess, this goes to show that not all evolution, is for the better. It is the survival of the “fittest”, not the best. Even in social and cultural respect of the word and not only in biological. She is clearly not the best choise for a parliamentary representative, but I guess she fitted well to her voters…