There are a number of humanitarian crisis and civil wars ongoing in the world today. A few days ago a Finnish writer and an ex-emissary to Switzerland Alpo Rusi said in an interview, that the number of refugees coming to Europe would have been smaller, if only a military solution to the so called Arabic spring in Syria had been employed by the western states by protection of the demonstrants against the ruling government. I fail to see how this could have worked out even in hindsight. There are plenty of refugees coming from a number of countries in wich the western states have decided to use a military solution to prevent a crisis. That includes at least Afghanishtan, Somalia and Irak. It may very well be, that things could be even worse of without the military interventions, but how well do we know that?

What we do know is, that for decades the western governments have supported a good number of very undemocratic governments around the globe and still do, not only to create a status quo, but to use those governments to sell their natural resources very cheaply to western corporations and for those undemocratic governments to buy western military equipment in fear of their own citizens and to bolster their leaders and supporters feeling of safety. And now the extortion, inequality and lack of democracy has led to all sorts of revolutions and conflicts – once again. As a result there is also a flood of desperate people trying to get themselves and their families to somewhere safe.

At the same time and for a number of recent years racism has raised it’s ugly head in Europe. This year for us Finns has been a culmination point in that developement, as one of our new populist parties, formerly known as the “True Finns”, but recently only as “The Finns” party rose all the way to a coalition government together with our other two major right wing parties. I had written a post about the Finns Party and how they seem to me, like they are outside reality as the snowman is outside the house, but I did not post it. Because it was so full of unbelievable stupidity, ignorance and carefree attitude about the reality the demagogues of this party have now presented during the summer, but it simply started to get too absurd. I started to feel embarrased even for them. Every time I was sure the post was ready, something even more absurd came out from the same party. They started out as a protest movement against the modern political surge, but it was soon clear, that humanism was not one of their motives and that it was actually a protest movement against political correctness. They claim to have brought up a number of issues, not discussed in politics, because their adherents are mostly people who do not follow politics, but are obviously frustrated and fearfull of a number of issues.

In that original post I wondered how one of the representatives wanted to save money by shipping Finnish prisoners to Estonia across the sea, though she had no idea what that would actually cost or how happy the Estonians might be in housing Finnish criminals. One of them was happy about the fact that Finland is no longer as conservative as it used to be,  so that he could change his name. How he reconciled that with the fact, that he is the representative of the most conservative party in Finland is still unclear to me.  And a third dude in the very same party had the audacity to oppose a new mosque being build in our capital Helsinki, because he saw it as “anti-nationalistic”. This was an outrage in my view as we have the freedom of religion and as there have been Muslims in Finland for longer than the country has been indipendend and Muslim soldiers have fought, bled and died for Finland. To me opposing a new Mosque in a country with freedom of religion and a growing Muslim population is appalling and barbaric.

Right after I had written that post, the same dude, a parliamentary representative no less, Olli Immonen who was opposing the new Mosque in Helsinki, came out in the internet where he wanted to support his compatriots to fight against a nightmare, that he reckoned multiculturalism represented. This he wrote in English, wich kind of reveals how he does not even understand the concept of multiculturalism. This caused a number of rather spontaneous demonstrations of thousands and tens of thousands of Finnish people around the country, who wanted to remind his supporters, of the simple fact, that Finland is actually a multicultural nation and has been from the very beginning of our written history, not to mention our rather new indipendence. Yes, I was there demonstrating against such nonsense. This in turn has caused a terrible storm of hatred in the social media. The party reacted first claiming that he was drunk when he wrote it, because in Finland that serves as an excuse for just about anything, but he claimed to have been sober enough. Why did the party officials lie about his soberness? It was just a nother cover up of their stupid representatives with hatefilled rethorics.

Now, as this party that rode into power on the dark horse of fear of the unknown and on some occasions even outright hatred of the immigrant and on their supposed defence of the little people (as long as those were Finnish speaking and born in Finland) is squirming with the two other major right wing parties whose main concerns are to defend the priviledges of the rich, industrialists and the landowners, but who are sane enough to appeal to the so called middle classes and moral enough not to oppose helping refugees in distress, is somewhat curious. I fear however, that most of their voters are unable to see how they have been betrayed and tricked.

The strong man of the True Finns Timo Soini has a talent for not saying anything while appearing as he made very steadfast remarcks. He opens his mouth and out come these things that have been named according to him as “Soinisms”. They seem unlike the political jargon we have gotten used to. They are very unofficial and constructed of such nonsensical but firm metaphors, that the listener could project their worst emotions through them. It is a new kind of leadership in Finland, but it seems to appeal to the uneducated. But from time to time even he has to take a stand on various issues. One of the latest ones was, that Finland should help the refugees, but only the women, children and Christians. I guess it is because of all the fuss, wild and ridiculous claims made by the Finns Party representatives in such a short while and how they have assimilated the role of the victim whose liberty of speech is somehow threatened, when people have engaged and challenged their unrealistic views, why this went pretty much under the radar. But if it were not for the previous mad outcomes, preferring Christians as refugees would have been quite an outrage in this rather secular country.

Timo Soini a devout Catholic and as such a representative of ridiculously small minority in Finland. He has also played out the Christians are the most persecuted group of people in the world today card. Wich to me regardless who uses it, is merely a nother “Soinism”. He referred to a number of conflicts around the globe, like Nigeria, Eritrea, Egypt, Irak and Syria as examples. But how do you calculate such? Are the Syrian Kurds for example somehow less persecuted, than the Christians around the Globe? I very much doubt that. Does the ISIL terrorise Christians somehow more than they do for example Shia Muslims? No? If one puts all Christians into one basket, then they are no longer the most persecuted group on any method of calculus. But if you divide the Kopti Christians of Egypt into a separate group, is them being persecuted somehow more serious, than what is happening for example to the Palestinians?

Soini and his party opposes any division of refugees between the EU countries, because they want to stay at least on some level true to their voters, who oppose any “foreigners” from coming to Finland. But it is the most purest form of hypocrisy, as if Finland was suddenly filled with tens of thousands of refugees from, for example Russia, would not he and his lot be the foremost people to ask for other EU countries to help out and share the amount of refugees?