The economic crisis of Greece has turned into a crisis of democracy. The new parliament and socialst government of Greece is forced to accept all sorts of direction from the EU (even as micromanaging as how bakeries should function), to recieve loans to pay to the private banks loans taken by the previous conservative Greek governments. This is to stop the private banks from falling and sending both Greece and in it’s wake the rest of Europe to economic turmoil. But the rest of the Europe is mostly in the hands of right wing politicians who are imposing their own economic idealism and political ideals now upon Greece, contrary to both the popular vote and parliamentary votes cast by the Greek people. Right wing ideals are being pushed upon Greece even against the social rights as defined by the Eu committee for social justice and the results of the research division of the IMF. It seems as if the country in wich democracy is said to have been born, has been told they have sold their sovereignty.

The main problem of Greece is actually too little too late socialism. Their economy would not need to be in this total situation of bankropsy. Not even though the corruption of the previous decades of conservative right wing governments and politicians have spent government money on all sorts of more or less corrupted enterprizes like for example relatively speaking enormous amounts of money to military, because they thought they need the strong military, incase their NATO ally Turkey (or perhaps Italy and Germany, their age old enemies) should suddenly attack. But this big army could not stop invation of Greek sovereignty, or their duly democratically elected government, from outside dominance by foreign powers. If only Greece had ever had a functional taxation. But everybody hates taxes, so why bother taxing anybody? Well, perhaps, because a country to run properly needs funds to pay for infrastructure, legistlature, police, fire department, healthcare, army and all those things. The single renevation the Greek economy really requires is a functional taxation system, because that is what they are sorely lacking, thanks to the previous right wing governments.

What should be done? Several economists have already suggested, that half of the loans Greece has taken should be recognized to having been forgiven in intrests. This public recognition would most likely set the Greek economy back to growth. The democratically chosen Greek government should be let renew their own economy by their own methods as mandated by the Greek population, without the guiding hand of other EU politicians. If the EU supports Greece through new loans, it should be recognized, that these loans are there really to support banks not only in Greece, but in rest of Europe and the entire world economy. We should also be ready to support Greece for the Greek. If they voted wrong, that does not mean they are no longer our fellow humans in desperate situation and in need of help. They are not the only ones though.

But where did all that money go? Where have disappeared the profits and work of the Greek labourer and enterpeneur? Who had the right to take these away from them? Let us be honest, they did not spend it on extravagant social security and supporting lazy bums, despite some childish anecdotes we have been hearing of such abuse. The money went to the ultra rich and to their accounts outside EU.

Could the right wing politicians of rest of the Europe possibly forgive the Greek people for voting “wrong”? Or is it, that they fear for their own position, if the Greek socialists are allowed to use their own methods to raise Greece from this predicament befallen upon her through right wing politics of supporting the richest few in their society?