A crowd beat up a young woman to death in Afghanishtan. Then they burned her body. The entire episode ended up on video and to the social media. It raised objection throughout the world and demonstrations against such religious violence in many other Islamic nations. The reason why this student of the Koran was murdered and then burned was because of malignant rumour, that she had alledgedly burned said holy book. Now 49 people stand trial for this heinous religiously inspired murder. 19 of those are policemen.

The rumour about her burning a book may have been totally made up, as she had apparently angered some people by telling the crowd visiting a mosque not to buy amulets, as such traditional culture in  is against Islam and those had possibly set about this false rumour. I personally detest burning any books, but killing someone on mere rumour is just wildly mad and murder based on some sacriligious act, be that true or not, is just as insane.

I can see how such barbarous act may bring up islamophobia in the West, but I urge all you Christians to ask yourselves to be honest and remember, that it has only been a couple of hundred years, that the secularisation of western society – not the love of Crhist – has forced such demonstrations of religious devotional violence out of practice in most of “Christendom”.

This is why I find it hard to agree with people who think religions as cultural traits should be left alone and we should let people believe in what ever nonsense they ever want to. Because, left unchecked, they end up burning other people… Apparently, when the imagined ultimate authority of a god is backing you up, you are entiteled to do just about any heinous crime and infact your god demands such as these alledgedly incredibly powerfull gods are totally incapable to defend themselves, or to interfere, if someone is doing something wrong…