In a short while the deeds of extremists have once again reached a new peak in Europe.

The attack of the Islamist idiots on a comedy magazine in France was one. The comedy about their religion was because too many of the figureheads of their religion are prone to call for wanton acts of murder. By revenging the ridicule in a wanton act of murder they have now proven… What? That the ridicule was deserved. Nothing more.

Just a short while earlier some other idiots threw Molotov cocktails in Swedish mosques full of people. What did these idiots try to achieve? Sympathy for the Muslims? Propably the not, but that is exactly what they did achieved. For sure they did achieved more fear and chaos as well. Division between different groups of people. Nationalism, just as well as any religion may be used as an excuse for violence for the people who are different. But being different does not equal evil. We are all different.

Such violence does create more violence on both sides and the nutters, who orchestrated these acts because of hate and fear they feel for the different people, get to live and die in an even more frightening society. Only now, they think they have achieved some control over the situation simply by acting. They have not. They have merely set forth more chaos and fear. Such sense of control and security are mere illusions.

Many of the Islamic countries are under exploitation by western corporations. But the Islamists do not attack the corporations, rather the western society. The very real exploitation and western support for apartheid in Israel, interventions against Islamic countries feed the sense of injustice, that the demagogues are all too happy to exploit. What these demagogues really fear, is not the exploitation, but the secularisation in western countries in wich the “traditional values” of the religious demagogues having power are eventually diminishing to nothing.

What does the Swedish racist thinking “critcally about immigration” really fear? A change into a society in wich the different people would no longer be classified as somehow less than the natural born ethnic Swede. The change has already passed, but the racist, who has nothing else to show for himself, other than his heritage, clings on to it. The trouble the people coming from troubled countries might bring with them is just an excuse. An excuse so often used to hide the feeling of imaginary superiority by race or nationality, that it has sometimes become even the main “reason”. But the true reason is the fear of unknown. Different people have unknown habits that the stupid would rather not even know of (exept when making up excuses for different level of abuse and violence) that make the stupid very frightened. And when stupid people are scared they lash out.

People have their motives to act. These motives do not come straight from any particular religion or even ideology, such as nationalism. If they did most of the world would be in total chaos. They come from the chaotic lives of these individuals. From their individual fears manipulated by clever demagogues through ideologies and religions. The ideologies and religions make these poor sods susceptible to such manipulation, however. If we give in to the fear promoted by such acts, we will end up in chaos.It is kind of sad that these martyrs of the causes and their manipulators alike are just victims of their culture, but mainly of their fears. These are the deeds done to overcome senseless fear of the other. People fear what they do not know and ignorance for sure increases unnecessary fears. Stupidity makes people to act on such fears, that they – regrettably – feel as very real indeed.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side… And there we have the powerhungry demagogues waiting. Victims of their own blindness and thirst for power. And the people who submit themselves to be the puppets of these leaders are actually just mirror images of each other, be they of what ever ethnic, or religious backround.

It is all about the question of wich kind of society would we prefer to live in and about the veil of ignorance. If we would not know (as none of us do) before we were born, into wich position and wich society we shall be born into, what sort of society would we choose? The kind where one is not persecuted because of ones cultural heritage? The kind where anything, that is laughable, is laughed at and not taken seriously? Where any issues may be discussed even in a humoristic sense?

I trust and hope, that the French and Swedish alike the rest of European countries shall react intelligently and in a civilized manner and not use this as an excuse to create more segragation. Because it is segragation, segragation in extreme to different nations and races, segragation to different religions etc., that is behind these sorts of acts of hate and idiocy…