A baby boy was killed by the rockets of Hamas in Israel just the other day. Many Israelis swear revenge. How many children have died by the Israeli bombing in Gaza in just a couple of weeks? Should the Palestinians not swear revenge?

I wanted to do a post about the recent Gaza events, but I have very little to add to what I wrote years ago about the same issue here:


Again, what is the “final solution” to the Palestinian problem, by the Israeli government? Do they think they can indimitate all the Palestinians into submission? What a childish idea?

I have heard so many people say, that the Israelis have every right to defend themselves. Yes, they do. Do not the Palestinians have the very same right? Who is the aggressor? Hamas with their pitifull rockets? Or Israel helping the illegal settlers to grab land from the Palestinians and forcing the Palestinians to these refugee camps and ghettoes? How should the Palestinians react to new Jewish colonies build on Palestinian property?

Is it possible for Israel to subjucate the entire Palestinian nation into pariahs and humble servitude? Is it right? How is it possible, that the US, that so loudly demands democracy all over the world, accepts any fascistic action by the Israeli government?

Do not the Israelis see, that this can only lead to more hatred by all their neighbours? Is that what they want? To be hated by their neighbours? That the Islamic world gives more political power to the Islamists who use Israel as a tool?

The PLO began as a terrorist organization, it grew into a political movement and when finally the Israelis negotiated with it, it looked like there was a possibility of reaching a settlement, or a compromise between these two nations. But since Israel has found out, that it does not have to honour any of the treaties with the Palestinians such more extreme organizations like Hamas are gaining ever more popularity and becoming more active among the Palestinians.

Every one of these incursions Israel has conducted into Palestinian territories, has killed some of the leaders of Hamas, but otherwise only made it bigger and stronger. When will the Israelis learn the obvious lesson. The PLO has been totally undermined in the minds of the Palestinians because it tried the peacefull solution. What options do the Palestinians have? Would you have given up if you were a Palestinian?

Finally, one of the most stupid and ignorant claims I have ever heard on this subject seems to be repeated to the US public by politicians and journalists alike. It presents such ignorance, that it reveals the low educational state of the US as a nation – sadly. They repeatedly wonder why did not the Palestinians simply go to other Arab nations when Israel was founded. Now that is exactly as stupid a claim as to ask, that if some Native Americans from Mexico founded a new country to Texas on the grounds that Texas used to be part of Mexico and before that it belonged to the Indian Nations, why would not all of the Texans simply move to other states of US. Some most propably would, but should they have to?