Iran has now the permission to enrich uranium. How much is limited by a treaty with the countries, that had sanctioned embargoes on Iran because of the suspected nuclear weapons development program.

Israel maintains, that this treaty does not include them, and according to Israeli minister of defence Naftali Bennet they “have the right to defend themselves”. Now, is there some nation, that does not have the right to defend themselves? Propably according to the Israelis the Palestinians, but that is a nother ball game.

What does self defence mean? That Israel has the right to have a nuclear weapon, but Iran does not? How did Israel deserve that right? Perhaps, by not being led by religious and nationalistic fanatics like Iran? No, that can not be it, because by what sort of politicians is Israel led by?  Or does Israel not have the A-bomb? Why is there a scientist sitting indefenetly in an Israeli prison for saying that they have, if it is not true? Is lying such a major crime?

Does pre-emptive strike mean, that a country, that suspects it is going to be attacked by a nother country, has the right to attack the suspected would be attacker? Is Iran then justified to attack Israel. For Israeli politicians have long speculated and even demanded that they should attack Iran.

Self defence is reactive, not proactive. It is not self defence to attack someone making threats. Especially, if both sides have made threats.

Recent history seems to teach countries like Iran, that only if they posses the nuke are they safe from an attack by the one and only superpower. It did nothing for the government of Irak, that they told everyone they had disposed of their chemical weapons and asked international inspectors to confirm this. The Western military powers attacked them anyway. The very same Western military powers that had sold Saddam his chemical weapons in the first place and idly watched by when he used them against the Kurds.

Iran has oil, wich will eventually run out. Where should such a big nation get energy after that? Now that they still are able to sell their oil, they could fund lots of different energy projects like harness the wind and the solar power, but they have chosen to research into nuclear power. Why?

While the western governments invest more on nuclear power, than any of the alternative sources, they are being a bit hypocritical about the Iranian nuclear power. But a treaty neede to be reached and I for one am happy, that one has been reached. The embargo on Iran only works to segragate it further from the progress of the rest of the world. Innocent Iranians are suffering from such sanctions on a daily base.

Both Israel and Iran are led by religious and nationalistic fanatics. There seems to be very little doubt about that. In both countries the belligerance of the other country is used by their own fanatics to frighten the ignorant general population into tribal moralism. This serves the fanatics to hold political power as freightened people rather seldom make good decisions. However, an action should not be determined good by who is acting, but by what is actually being done.

Ultimately the really sad part of this is, that when a nationalist populist gets the power by appealing to the lowest echelon of human emotions like fear and hatred, they easily become the victims of their own propaganda. They might even start to believe in it. They will transmit such ideology to the future generations. In the process it will far too easily get more aggravated, and then they have allready become the prisoners of the policy they set. Such political leaders may actually believe in the evil nature of their respective counterparts, because it is in the human mind to see oneself as the good guy wich in turn means, that ones own lies start to seem as truths. And when reaction follows reaction the escalation of hatefull policy sometimes leads to violence.

If the Iranians are forced to be inspected for nukes developing facilities, then so should the Israelis. Right?