Yesterday, there was a “hetero pried” demonstration in Helsinki, Finland. I have never seen, or heard any public demonstration get as much media attention beforehand. Mainly due, that the media seemed to find this event to have some comical value to it. But also because it seems to divide to opinions of people in high measure.

The “hetero pride” demonstrators presented this new word, which I could loosely translate as “homozation” of the society. They had this demonstration to oppose such cultural shift as described by this term. Now, to me it seems what they meant by this statement was that they felt the homosexuals are too open about their sexuality and are presented too much in the media. For some reason, they also felt that this threatens the “traditional family values”.

It is actually hard to get to what these people really want. If they are aware of the fact that homosexuality is not something a person chooses as a conscious choise, it is a bit like demonstrating against invalids being too open about their existance. Now, there used to be a time when the media did not present invalids or people whith birth defects, nor homosexuals. And before that there was the time when women or coloured people had no public opinion, or room to speak for themselves.

Perhaps it is the tabu nature of sexuality that annoys some people, when such issues are discussed in the public arena. The cultural change that has been going on, is that we treat women, representatives of different races, invalids, people whith birth defects and even homosexuals as equal human beings as the rest of us. The fact that some of these groups may have more media attention today than their actual persentage of the population demands, is only due to the fact that they have been oppressed and looked down by the “majorities” before. And as the countermovement to homosexuals having same rights as heterosexuals proves, it is still a current subject and important topic of discussion.

What then are the “traditional family values” referred to in this conversation? Are we talking about the ancient tyranny of the oldest (or strongest)  male in a familygroup, or what? Or perhaps it is just the ideal of a family unit whith dad, mom and some kids? But that ideal has never been reality for a great many people. I have a bunch of friends who have been raised by their single moms and they have turned out just fine. Why not, if the society supports these less fortunate families it should be just OK. Right?

What about the homosexuals adopting then, is that an abomination to the traditional family values? I do not see why, this is a problem. If a couple adopts a kid who has no parents, then that is one less kid in an institution, right? And it seems to me the chances are, that this couple has better income than a single mom, or dad so they are less in need of social support by the society. And how is any of this away from the “ideal” family whith different gender parents? How was their existance as a family unit in any way threatened by the existance of some other sort of family unit?

If your god is against you being a homosexual nor adopting kids, or if you happen to be one, then how is it any of your business if some other family is not following the demands of your god?

There were at the “hetero pried” event some 50 demonstrators in front of the Finnish parliament house and about 70 counter demonstrators. To the counterdemonstrators it seemed like a joke, but I do not find it too comical, that this counterprogressive movement is trying to organize. Yes, I admit that the 50 people in the demonstration is laughably few, and that they do have their right to present their view.

It was interresting though, how this ridiculously small demonstration thanked some of the leading edge Finnish politicians like opposition leader Timo Soini (from the populistic True Finns –  a revealing name for the party) and minister of interior Päivi Räsänen (from the very small fundamentalist Christian Democrats party) for upholding and campaigning for their ideals.

What was really funny how some of the hetero demonstrators looked like characters from the art work of Tom of Finland:

Which kind of makes one question wether if they have some personal problems whith their sexual identity to make such a fuss about it, when it is and will be the majority position and if there are some rubber masks in their basements…