After having several conversations whith people who percieve themselves as “pro-life” because of their Christian moral high ground, I have come to the conclusion, that the entire anti-abortion theme within Christianity is a political scam. It is easy to appeal to people by oversimplifications of difficult issues. Painting the foetus and even the zygote as a baby and then demanding, that the baby should not be “murdered” is a very effective way to win over people who do not have the information, or the ability, or especially, who do not whish to deal whith such hard issues.

When people who are generally rather lazy to join any political, or religious movements (and often have recieved the initial indoctrination in their childhood) have been brought over by this obvious lie about the decision on abortion being a simple yes, or no decision between a desire to murder and a desire to protect a child, those people have been persuaded by this emotional appeal to join in on rather extremist and regressive political movements. Religions are just politics and this example, if anything, proves that.

Many, though not all, of the pro-life people are in favour of the capital punishment. How hypocritical can you get? Military actions, such as pre-emptive strikes against potential enemies are also highly favoured by many of them. Many of them even percieve collateral damage and lives lost that way as a natural part of life. Even when those people are the representatives of a different religion as caused by their cultural heritage and will according to these “pro-lifers” end up in eternal suffering as a result of that obvious accident. This is showing such self sentered arrogance, it is hard for me to stomach.

We know that the number of abortions is best lessened by sexual education, easy access to conraception, and by social wellfare, that supports the mothers in dire situations. But most of the so called “pro-life” advocates are against any of those really effective ways to cause abortions to be lessened. The double standard is obvious. We know that the human population on this planet is growing exponentially and that there must be a limit of how many of us can fit here comfortably. We know that in many countries where abortions are illegal there are more abortions made per capita, than in countries where they are legal and that in those cases abortions are often also made by quacks and home made utensils often in late term situations, by desperate people. We know that it is allways a very hard decision for the woman, but that it should be her decision, because it is her body that is housing the foetus and in most cases it is she who has to provide for the child wether she can, or not.

Many of the “pro-life” people admit that when it comes to choosing between the life of the mother and the foetus, they are willing to save the would be mother rather than the foetus. How is it, that the life of the foetus suddenly becomes less valuable than that of the woman? Was it not less of a person in the beginning? Human life does not begin at the conception, it begins at birth. However, it is a slow process from a very simple organism to a fully nerally developed individual, that is even able to feel and become a person. By far most legal abortions are made before the mid term of the pregnancy, when the zygote has not even developed neural system equal to that of a fish.

And where in the Bible does it say that no abortions should be made? There are a number of places where the god of the Bible either cause abortions by demand through prayer, or orders the adherents to perform such by the thousands. There is no denial that more pregnancies end in misscarriages, than in abortions, so if the alledgedly allmighty god did not cause those misscarriages, then why did this god not prevent them either. In any case this Middle-Eastern god is the greatest performer of abortions and is in direct responsibility of a greater number of them than any other reason.

A nother thing about “pro-life” is the hidden agenda, that as the Middle-Eastern god demands women should be second rate members in any society. It is natural for parents to be occupied by their offspring, but it is typically a cultural phenomenon, that by the children a woman is more tied to the confines of a home, than the man. There is no physiological reason other than brest feeding, that causes this. But there are a lot of myths build around this. And of course as the “pro-life” movement is predominantly religious, there is also the obvious political reason of making the religious women feel guilty for not producing more children, who in the eyes of any church organization after all are future tithe payers. Religions, you see, if you have not yet figured this out yourself, are infact money making corporations. They pay actual money to the ritual experts and in addition these priests get political prestige. No-one becomes a bishop or such, if he does not have the ambition to be the leader of others and the inclination to make rules for other people to live by. That is by virtue politics.

But there is yet a nother side to this. It is that religions often stand on a concept of a soul. Some supernatural entity that is alledgedly you. That your person is not of this flesh, but that it may survive your death. This concept is of course appealing, but quite unverified. Where the hell does such and entity come from? And when does it enter to dwell in your body, not to leave it until the body dies? As a sort of parasite. It really does not matter wheter there is any mentioning about at which point the soul enters the body in any of the holy books, since we have no actual evidence about such a thing as a soul existing at all. It is just fancy. A natural way of projecting hopes and fears into whishfull thinking, by inserting this imagined unnatural element of a soul.

The conversation about the abortion is not only about subjucating women – as undeniably odrered by this Middle-Eastern god (no real surprice there) worshipped by the Christians, but also for covering up the lie, that there even exist a soul. The lie to cover up the fact, that there simply is no way of determining when does such a thing as the soul enter the body, nor where does it come from anyway, since we have no way of determining the soul even to exist anyway. Well, exept that it was natural for people who had no knowledge about the neural impulses in the brain to explain consciousness through magic and gods. We allready know better, that the consciousness is a product of the physical brain and that it is quite natural, that no supernatural, nor anything else unnatural is required. So, why does our society cling on to this silly ancient concept of a soul? Perhaps, because it is a game of politcal power being played on people, their cultural heritage, their ignorance, their emotions, their money and ultimately nothing else.