A few days back the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (wich is their own  translation and a terrible blunder at that, and for the purposes of this post I will call it by more accurate translation for “viestintävirasto” the Bureau of Communications) decided, that their own previous decision to give the allowance to use the internet address http://www.vapaa-ajattelija.fi to the parish union of Turku and Kaarina region in their campaigning was OK.

The reason why they needed to give a second decision in the matter is that the Finnish Free-Thinkers Union had asked them to, since it is illegal in Finland to have a internet address too cimilar to any public domain allready held by a community, company, or such entity. Especially if the intent is to use the new page to harm the owners of the allready existing domain.

The internet address of the Finnish Free-Thinkers Union is http://www.vapaa-ajattelijat.fi.  The difference between the two addresses is that of one letter-t wich makes the older address of the Free-Thinkers Union a plural of the same two words.  In English the addresses would translate as for the new campaign page would be something like: a free-free thinker and the allready existing domain of the Free-Thinkers Union would would be like: the free-thinkers.

The pitifull excuses given by the church campaign was, that the Bible recommends freedom of thinking. This may very well be, but still it would be silly to claim, that such an address was not opened in the sole purpose of attacking the Free-Thinkers Union and their allready existing domain.

There might be a court case about the matter. I think there should be, since it is obvious that the law has been broken by the Bureau of Communications and by the united parishes of Turku and Kaarina. There should also be an investigation by our government on what sort of people are running the Bureau. What is their integrity on the matter?

I have never been a member of the Finnish Lutheran Church so I can not resign from it as a protest. A lot of people are resigning and the rate has been alarming to the church since the Finnish Free-Thinkers Union opened a nother domain  http://eroakirkosta.fi/  wich roughly translates as the resign from church. A page where people may easily resign whitout having to take the time in office hours to go to explain why they want to resign at the parish office.

Never have I been a member of the Finnish Free-Thinkers Union either, but after this blunder by the Bureau of Communications, it seems to me that we actually need such activism even in our own society. Members to pay fees by wich to enter such outrageaous attacks on our laws by politically nominated officials of the government.

Now, it seems to me, that the parish union of Turku and Kaarina have stepped into it – big time. It is obvious, that since more and more people are leaving the church they feel threatened and that they will lash out at their enemy, the free-thinkers. However, the problem lies in two aspects of this issue. One is that, do they really think, that by smearing, or being cleverly devious about internet addresses, they will reach the general public? The second is about the fact that it is very hard to be the value base for everybody in a modern secular society, especially if your values are set on the foundation of supernatural superstition. It is once again the problem of that the religious people have gotten used to have respect for their unsubstantiated beliefs for free. The Lutheran Church could be the church of the nation when it was obligatory to be a member of that church. However, nowadays when it is no longer forced on people, the obvious fact that the church is just a nother political animal with goals to either please the majority of the population, or the more superstitious minority of ultra-conservative types,  it simply can not be the base of values for all people. And perhaps it never really was. Because the holy books are all so ambigious, that they allow such a variety of interpretation, that they really do not give any implicit morals from any gods. This ambiguity has been the social strength of religions and it remains as such, but it is also the one thing they have allways run into a logical dead end. Even before people knew what causes lightning and earthquakes.

By no means do I suggest that the freedom of thinking should be some priviledge of the members of the Free-Thinkers Union, but it is their “brand” and they do have the right for their own domain. If the Bureau of Communications here in Finland does not recant it’s ridiculous decision, then by the same rules the Free-Thinkers Union could apply for an internet address for almost the same as the page address of the parish union of Turku and Kaarina. Maybe just change it as much as remove the plural form of their internet site from the second page put up by them. On that page they could open a campaign against these parishes and market their own subdivisions in the area of these two parishes. I think nobody wants this kind of ridiculous missleading waste of information. Do they?

On a deeper note, it reveals favourism still inherent to one particular religious group in Finland. And it also reveals that it is high time to get rid of any such favourism.