There is an interresting story in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. It tells us of a man called Ananias and his wife Saphira. This couple had joined the early Christians and followed the order by Jesus to sell all their property and give it to the poor. Exept that they did not follow it to the letter. How many Christians have ever done so?

In the story Ananias hides some of the money instead of giving it all to the Apostoles. Peter the Apostole then tells Ananias, that it was foolish of him to try to betray their god, who surely would know about such decietfull attempt. Incidentally Ananias dies on the spot. Some young men take his body out and bury him rigth after and as his wife Saphira comes to look for her husband Peter asks her if she knew about the money. She claims she had no knowledge of any money, but Peter who somehow knows she is lying tells her so and tells her that her husband has allready been buried because he tried to hide this money, and then she also dies.

What is the morals of the story? That Ananias and Saphira died because they secretly decided not to give all the money they had from selling their own house to the Apostoles? Is this the description of the values of THE religion of set up by the alledgedly benevolent creator of the universe,ย  or a healthy social movement,ย  or rather a cult, or a pyramid shceme hoax, or even a criminal mob?

I have been told it was all because the couple did not have deep enough faith, even though they had committed themselves enough to sell all their property and give a share to the congregation. I have often been also told, that all the bad stuff in the Bible is only in the Old Testament. But this story is one of the most wile ones in the entire book. You see, here we have a couple who have committed themselves to this doomsday cult, wich promises that the end of the world comes within their lifetimes, but just in case it does not, they hide some of their own money from the cult leadership. And when the cult leaders find out about it, they are killed. Did this couple end up in heaven, or hell?

Now, even if we accept the silly supernatural aspects of the story, it still boils down to, that the couple were killed for not giving their money to their god (i.e. cult leaders) and/or being a bit skeptical about the entire sherade. What could ever justify this horrid storyline, or any “morals” possibly derived from it?

What sort of person would accept this story as moral and why?