A man once told me that his god is also my god, regardless, wether if I acknowledge that god, or not, because I am one of the creations of that particular god. This struck me as rather absurd and terribly arrogant as well. But it made me realize why all gods demand, that they should be worshipped (wich had been a bit of a mystery to me). Since,  how on earth, could all the numerous gods otherwise determine who is the adherent of wich god?

You, see it makes no sense, that an all-powerfull entity such as a creator god (of the entire universe) would be so petty as to require for our worship. But if that god has no other means to determine wether we actually believe in the right god (since, this is terribly important to gods, for some reason), the level of worship is the most effective measure. If a dude simply believes any old story about the supernatural, he is not the true follower of any particular religion, is he? It is only through the act of worship, that he really defines himself as the follower of this, or that god.

Why is it so important to gods we actually believe in them and their existance? Well, obviously it can not be too important to them, because otherwise their existance, or the existance of THE one and only god, would be self imminent to all of us. Some people claim, that the existance of their particular deity is obvious and undeniable, and others claim, that their god provided us with free will to choose wether we believe, or not. This means, that their god is either obviously observable and we should all be capable of doing so, or perhaps this god only chooses to create some of us capable of observing it. Or, that their god is intentionally hiding,  so, that more gullible people, or people who have been chosen to be given personal revelations (by this god) would become the true believers and be saved.

So, either a god gave us free will, for some of us to be stupid enough to reveal ourselves as selfish and evil and be banished to eternal torment. Or some of us are simply so stupid, they can not recognize the apparent presence of a god in the universe. Either way, this same all-knowing, all-capable god made some dudes stupid enough not to recognize a god, or be evil and selfish, only to be condemned for eternal punishment. This may sound terribly unjust and unfair system towards the poor sods, who are stupid enough to reveal their evil nature in not understanding to ask mercy from THE right god, or who simply have not chosen to worship THE right god, because most of us have no cultural heritage, or indoctrination, wich would make this particular god make any sense, but it does not matter. Because this god as the creator of the universe has the final word on what is fair and just, or not, and we have no say in that. So, this deity can actually determine anything we would see as terrible to be nice and good. And has done so for several times, if any of the holy books are to be taken as reliable sources.

The entire busines of “choosing” the correct god is actually just a cosmic lottery where you might be born into the right culture to have the right indoctrination, or to be born smart enough to recognize the correct divinity in the real world, or be  given an epiphany. Your understanding of ethics or cause and effect, nor acting ethically has nothing to do with what is right and just. All these options mean, that one is chosen to be saved from the eternal torture, or oblivion, by nothing more than mere luck. In none of these options one actually never even needed to express any free will at any point. But it is a nice escape clause for the conscience, of the believer, to see god as a benevolent fella, since he sort of gave a chance for the nubskulls who were born into the wrong culture, got indoctrinated in a false religion and were stupid enough to either  falsly recognize the wrong god in the manifest in the material universe, or not to see any gods any where. This is a bit like blaming the starving kids in Africa for not having been born in western suburbia in a healthy middle class family with no special issues. But if an idea presented is complex enough, one does not have to engage with the concept thoroughly enough, to see how flawed it is.

However, by definition you can not claim your god is mine, and that is actually what is the major problem of religious  thinking. That you think your superstitious and possibly unscientific world view should have any bearing in my life. That laws should be determined by moralist statements taken for example from a rather out dated social code from iron age Levant. As long as people worship different gods and even as long as we know people have worshipped different gods, no man has ever had, or will ever have any ethical right to claim his god is the god of some other sod, unless they both actually agree upon the matter. This simple conclusion makes the monotheistic gods all equally false propositions.