What would it require for me to become a believer in this, or that god of any religion? A question surprizingly often presented in the internet by theists, who either honestly would like to know, or rather dishonestly, would like to find some basic flaw in the thinking of an atheist. I know, I rephrased the question a bit, but since I have never been a member of any particular religion, nor have I ever believed in any gods, I think it is only fair, that I included the possibility for all of them.

This is how they convinced my ancestors to turn from believing in one supernatural idea to another.

This is how they convinced my ancestors to turn from believing in one supernatural idea to another.

You see. To me religions are all equal propositions. Equal in the sense, that they are just absurd. There are those religions, that have emotionally appealing liturgies, practices, methods of worship, or meditation. Some of them have more primitive elements to them, that reveal their origin and cultural evolution more clearly, but none comes without that baggage. Equally there are those, that appeal because their gods demand less faith, than the others simply because the claims made about these are less fancy. But those are quite arbitrary methods of evaluation when they all seem to be totally illogical and all of them fall under the very same gategory, of humans having this trait to invent not only religions, but all sorts of stuff up. Their evidence value is also equal. All religions, that have ever been presented to me by the adherents have equally poor  evidence for any of the supernatural stuff.

Anyway, I really have to honestly say, I have no idea what would convince me, that any particular religion and their concept of the divine is true. But if it was somehow necessary for me to believe, I bet these divine entities of these religions would know how to convince me.  According to the descriptions of any gods, they all alledgedly also have the power to convince me. So, either they are a) not interrested, b)  not willing to convince me,  c) they want me to belive without having been convinced (ie. lie to myself),  or d) these gods do not even exist. Wich sounds right about your god?

You may accuse me of being intellectually lazy, but infact I am the opposite of that. I have thought this out and I have no other way than to challenge all the gods to prove themselves to me. What they all seem to demand, however, is that I first randomly chose one particular religion and only when I have faith in that particular faith, a divine force will appear to convince me. That is, if I happened to choose the right one… That would not be intellectually lazy, it would be not intellectual at all. To me it sound right moronic. Does it not sound like idiotic to you?

What has been presented as evidence for all the invisible gods in this world, that I have had the priviledge to observe, is just silly mental masturbation. But perhaps I have not yet met with the argumentation, that would convince me. Try me.