I am not going to spoil or recite the plot here, as it was not the strong part of the movie in the first place, nor was it what I found interresting about it. I just want to share with you, that I really liked the new movie. For a b-class movie plot, it had some superb actor performances. This being obvious with such men as Ford, Graig, Brown, Beach and Rockwell in the leading roles.  The film is full of good action, and runs like a machine from the first moment to the end. It even has the element of surprice in some scenes.

What I actually found interresting is the allegory the film presented to me. I doubt it was intentional and it may well be that I am the only one who saw any similarity between the two. In my view the basic story of the film could have just as well have been Taliban & Americans. Taliban taking the role of cowboys and Americans taking the role of aliens. For it was a story of rough men living in and arid land and in a violent culture, having to fight for their freedom against a technologically superior enemy whose motives are a mystery to them (at least for a while). There are plenty of other allegories along the way, but I will not reveal them here either, if you have not seen the movie. If you have, you may come to think of them by yourselves, or if not, you propably would not accept them suggested by me anyway.

I do not admire the values Taliban represent, but neither do I admire the values cowboys represented. Admit it, it would be interresting to see Harrison ford playing a Taliban leader. His role, the motives he has and the action he takes in this movie could just as well have been those of such. Cowboys (in this movie and in popular image) were machos trusting just their guns, much like the Taliban. Of course presenting a possible love interrest female character to the Taliban adventurer party would be a tricky thing to perform historically, but since they have done that so many times (and almost allways totally unrealistically) to cowboy stories, it might just work for “a Taliban story” as well. One thing is for sure, if the aliens in the movie would require a speech understandable to the human audience, they would call the cowboys with some synonym for terrorists.

See the movie, if you have not yet. Do not think of what I said while watching it. Just enjoy the very good combination of the two adventure genres joined in perfect harmony. Afterwards you may ask yourselves, if I was right about the allegory, or was it just about there actually being no more than few of stories in the world anyway. This one being a version of the heroes defending their own culture and land against a superior outside aggressor.