Some very beautifull girls have been named Miss Universe. I guess it is an all right term as such as  a “Miss” is possibly totally alien to all the other spieces in the vide, vide universe. So, a Miss Universe could be some human here on little old Earth. But what if there actually existed parallel terms in the universe as “Miss”, and some of them would attend to the competition? I mean a few life forms from the billions of other planets in the universe. Can we even imagine what diversity life may have produced in the immense diversities of envarioments on different worlds? Even if we were to assume that life would need the same basic requirements that have made it possible on our planet, that variety is quite wide ranged. There is life in the deepest parts of our oceans. By the sulphuric fumes of the seabed volcanoes. There is life in the upper most layers of our athmosphere. Life on earth originated in conditions where we “the crowns of creation” would not survive. But even humans have adapted themselves to live in the frozen wasteland of arctic glaziers. There has been so many different types of human spieces during the relatively short period of time from the first hominid to hold a rock and to form it into a tool. We have no knowledge if there existed high cultures among the dinosaurs. If there did, there would be no trace of them after 65 million years, as there would not exist any trace of us in a few million years, if we would disappear from the face of the earth now.

The term Miss Universe just got me, once again, thinking about the universe and how immense it is. The majesty is allmost impossible to concieve. We humans live on this small planet on the edge of one galaxy. We may speak of conquering the space, when we sent some of our kind to the orbit of our own planet, or when we sent probes to other parts of our solar system. In our wildest fiction we may even dream of conquering of the entire galaxy. We have no means to achieve that, but we may dream. But the entire universe is such a vast concept if we actually percieve it, it will overwhelm us. We can only dream the diversity of its structure and the secrets it holds. We may make philosophies of how it was formed and even our best guesses on the matter are just guesses. Though some guesses are better informed than others.

We humans seek security in certainties. That is why we hold faith. We like to think there is reason to everything and justice will follow each event and action. But the universe simply exists. It would be extremely naive to claim that it required all of this immense universe to produce us, the humans. Or that we are a pinnacle of nature as nature itself is the vast universe. If we are the image of a god, we are truly lacking in that respect, or the god is rather minute entity in comparrisson to the universe.

There is no certainty of anything in this universe. It is not total chaos, but we have no means to predict what truly will happen next that is relevant to the universe. We are only just learning about its basic form. It is mind thrilling to find out about the secrets of the universe. And that is what I would recommend to any person, on this small remote world of ours, to explore nature. All living and dead forms of nature. To explore different human cultures, for they are not outside nature. We humans are a part of nature like it or not. Sometimes we are harmfull to our envarioment, but even that is a part of nature and the universe. That does not, however, mean we should act thus. Nor does it give an excuse to act so. As part of the Universe and nature, we should act ethically to our own benefit and the benefit of our offspring. To benefit the future generations of humans with an ability be awed by the complexity of the universe. We do want to give them that chance, do we not?  To achieve the positive outcome we should evaluate our actions and inactions. Some acts seem insignificant and uninportant, but remember in the face of the Universe and nature we as individuals and even our planet may seem insignificant. It is us ourselves who give value to that which exists and to that which might exist, or not, some day.