A relatively new Finnish party called the “True Finns” turned into a mass movement and has now a large proportion of the Finnihs parliament seats. The leader of the party Timo Soini declined to join the conservative party Kokoomus in the government. This was not such a  surprice, since a populist movement that is basically backed up by a 5000 member party has no real answers to the national problems, but it has gathered a great number of dissatisfied people to vote for the same “cause”.

It is remarcable that the populism of the “True Finns” party grows from fear and hatred of the immigrants. It is so easy to point the finger at some people who look like different and find the blame for the problems of our own society from those who have just arrived from outside.

This kind of political movement would not have any succes unless it had a couple of very talented politicians among them. It is typical for this demagogue type of politician to claim all politicians to be corrupt and elitist. The “True Finns” has Mr Soini, who is a sovereign ruler of his party. He may not be a racist, but his ambition is leading him to accept the support of racists. For one thing he really is a man of great ambiguity. Allready few years back his party was profiling itself by being against the EU, but when the opportinity arose he joined the European parliament. A nother clever politician who has achieved name to himself by semi-open racistic remarcks is Jussi Halla-Aho. It seems to be his doing that the quite new statement by the “True Finns” party disects itself from racism at the same time as they declare the concept of positive discrimination to be racism. A very clever political move.

Mr Halla-Aho claims, that to remove discrimination from working envarioments by giving precedence to the representative of a minority over the representative of the main population, when there are two equal applicants for the same job, is somehow wrong. My question is how can this be? There is allways some method for choosing one or the other from two equal applicants. I think mr. Halla-Aho deliberately ignores that when such a prosedure is in use for the Helsinki city workers, it does not exist in the free markets. One might think that a businesman cares not if the applicants have foreign backround, or if the are women, but as the experience from decades back and even today shows, even businesmen have predjudice. They have silly notions that a woman, or a foreigner might not do the job as well as a white finnish male. Much rarely they have notions such as, if left handers or men whith moustaches would not do their job as well as right handers, or men whith shaved faces. Mr. Halla-Aho goes to wonder why left handers, or men whith moustaches do not get the  positive discrimination benefit. I will answer here to him. It is because these groups no longer need such support. But it has been less than a 70 years when such traits might cause you not to get the job.  Jussi Halla-Aho is not totally ignorant about the obvious fact that positive discrimination becomes unnecessary, when people are no longer discriminated. He claims that the positive discrimination creates fences between races. But positive discrimination is not about ethnicity. Does it also create fences between the invalids, women and other groups that benefit from positive discrimination. It is a false dichtomy to claim, that from applicants of equal abilities it is wrong to choose one. It is also a false claim to say, that the positive discrimination act will lead to less qualified persons to have a job that “belonged” to the better qualified. The whole point is to give one more tool to choose from two equally qualified applicants the one that represents the group of people who are otherwise discriminated. Is this so complicated? How is this wrong? Is there a better way to diminish the discrimination of people by their origin or gender? What Jussi Halla-Aho is also missing is that there may be a day, when white males might need the support of the positive discrimination. Or is that what he is so affraid and therefore in opposition to immigration?

What interrests me is how will all the openly racist feel about the “True Finns” party new turn. Will they be satisfied whith the movement against the positive discrimination? Or will they be disappointed to the party leadership for condemning their racistic values? There are even parliament representatives like Mr. Hakkarainen, who are obvious racists. Will they remain a part of a party that has now condemned any kind of racism? How can those party members who actually understood they are condemning racism stand those who have racistic ideals? What about the voters who are openly racistic. When they voted for the “True Finns” party did they expect this? Do they feel betrayed, or are they so ignorant and uninformed of politics they do not see or feel it when they are being pissed into the eye? Racists often are rather uninformed or simply stoopid, so I expect no big fuss will come out of this. Most of the openly racistic people have propably missed the whole proclamation by the “True Finns” to condemn racism.

The english name of the “True Finns” is an incorrect translation, but it reveals something that is not so obvious in the finnish name. A more correct translation would be “Basic Finns”. This would be better not only in grammatical terms, but also in describing who voted for the party in the elections. People who are mostly rather uninformed about the state of the world, but are worried about the future and foremost who are disappointed in our political leadership. They are people who have suffered the fact that the conservative party has had such a great support from the masses, when in the end it makes laws only to benefit the rich man. This has been blurred by the fact that the conservative party has started to advertise itself by the ideals of a wellfare state and other socialistic achievements, and by the fact that the socialist parties have made concessions over the years to the conservatives and the market liberals to make the society run smoothily. To have money, to be distributed between the needy. Now that the socialists have been in opposition, and with the western world economy down the drain, people want to protest…

Humans are such. As long as everything is peachy, they are not interrested, why it is so. When all goes wrong, they are not interrested why it all went wrong, or how can we repaire it, but who is to blame. Reality shows and icehockey are so much more interresting to people than politics, but obviously it is not our fault our things are messed up, it must be the fault of the muslims, or the russians or, or…

It is the fault of the big parties and our scientific and political elite, that there are so many Finns who are so easily to be lead by fear and hatred a demagogue might throw at people of different perplexion or culture. But even the elite is human and capable of human errors. Our political leadership has grown to be satisfied in the consensus of all parties trying to make this a better land working together, though actual the goals have been different. This has created a political situation of allmost like one party government, whith its left and right wings, but no actual opposition. And as allways in history such situations will eventually create a radical political movement to haul the masses into opposition against all decisions that have been compromises from the beginning. Like the positive discrimination act.

However, I must confess, that I have never been as ashamed of my countrymen as I am today. To let the fear get the better of our nature, is to me betraying the principles of freedom our nation has had to fight two hard wars and the fearlesnes of the men who fought in those wars.