European cultural capital 2011 Turku, here in Finland is going to destroy a cultural heritage site. The village hill of Kurala has been a museum for ages and has important role as preserving history, education of culture and archeological experimentation. It has provided a valuable hands on experience on the lives and livelyhood of our granparents and ancestors to the modern city kids.  The landscape of Kurala has some modern elements in it, but mostly it has been preserved as the ideal of finnish country side. It is a popular recreation area within the city limits of Turku. Not only for museum visitors, but to all people who exercise or just simply want to get fresh air in the neighbourhood. Even the city advertisment defines the Kurala area to be a part of  “Finnish national landscape”.

Now the city wants the cultural landscape to be built in with houses. The new houses are designed to be built in the fields at an immidieate vicinity of the museum area. This would confine the museum on an island in the middle of the city.  As if Finland was so overpopulated, this particular museum area should be destroyed. How long will it take before the new neighbours are going to start complaining about the smell of dung or the noise from the smithy? What then? Would the new neighbours not feel themselves betrayed if the cows were allowed to roam freely and smell right under their windows? What is the sense in this? Both the museum and the new inhabitants would loose. Only one who wins in this scenario is the building constructor.

If you want to do something about this, sign an adress in the link below: