There is a wide spread myth that right wing politicians (wether liberal or conservative) are somehow more ample in running the economy of a country. I do not know where this comes from.  Maybe it is because people think rich people are better at handling money than poor people. This is not so. A poor single mother who runs a family consisting of herself and a couple of kids might be a lot better and responsible at handling her money than a rich person who inherited a fortune and has not yet managed to loose it all in stockmarket only because he/she has so much of it.

The fact that a person is capable to take care of his/her own money does not qualify the said person as a wery good person to take care of public money. The very fact that a person might be a very good of making more money for him/herself is infact a warning sign. In the market economy sinister means often are very profitable. Hence, immoral people often become very succesful in making more money for themselves. Would you let an unscrupulous person take care of your money, or would you rather have someone responsible?

How do you know then who is responsible and who is working only in self interrest? For starters, you could look for a person who is showing responsibility for those in need. Someone who has tied him/herself in a set of values that does not discriminate people.

What is the purpose of society? Is it for few rich people to make as much profit as possible by the expense of the poorest, without being disturbed? Is it that the rich people could share some of their profits whith the “middle class” so the poor people can then be neglected as a minority? Is it to make sure everyone is safe and has enough support not to fall into misery? You choose.

Rightwing politicians have run so many countries into an economical catastrophy, that their ability to run economics is no reason to vote for any of them. Look at Iceland. There the rightwing politics were rapidly turning public funds into private funds. Now the mess they left  is there for the leftwing politicians to clean up. Why is the worlds leading economy of US being the fastest one to gain more debt? Because it has been run by right wing politicians for ages? Yes, the democrats are rightwing also.  The supporters of rightwing politics are found from the mightiest companies and corporations and they do expect to get benefits from the governments they supported economically. In fact they expect their “investments” to be very profitable. The needs of common people or the economy of a country are not  issues they are interrested in the least bit. They are ever ready to invest their money and transfer their companies to other countries where the human rights are not taken care of and therefore often the workforce is cheaper. That is the kind of patriotism they harbour.  

Politicians run and funded by the corporate world will have to make it look like the millions of dollars, euros or whatever taxmoney were spent for the benefit of the commoner and not as benefit of the richest shareholders of big companies. This illusion is made by many means. Control of information and media is one way. A nother is simply to make bold claims. Such as this little third world country was planning to attack our mighty western empire and we simply have to use the taxpayers money to controll the natural resources of this little country.  Just to protect our own citizens, from weapons we sold to the dictator of the little country. That is why the wealth of the nation has to be invested in our arms manufacturing companies instead of better healthcare and education.

There may be exampless of leftwing politicians running economics badly, but since the rightwing politicians are just as bad, or even worse, this is not an argument they can advertise themselves with. Well, they can and they will, but what does that tell about them?