People seem obsessed about success. Fame and fortune drives people to do the most strange and heinous things. An artist is said to be motivated by creative passion. Same may aply to a scientist, who is traditionally thought to be driven by the thirst for knowledge. An engineer or designer may be pushed by these same motives. But a businessman is driven by the need to success. He measures success by the amount of zeros in his bank account and by childish toys like sportscars in his carage.

Success in making riches or fame is something the general public does not actually want. Most people do like their privacy, even though they would not mind being richer, or rather they would enjoy a situation where one does not have to worry about money. But rich people worry about money. Not because they would be afraid of not being able to pay their bills, but because they never seem to have enough. There are also those commoners who are ready to do anything for success. They count success by being famous. Shortest way of becoming a famous person is to kill a famous person. But is fame success?

If you are not capable of creating anything especially wonderfull, other than maybe your kids, why measure success by fame? It does not need anything special to shoot someone, who is not expecting to be shot at, even though it certainly brings a lot of fame. Or rather infamy. If one succeeds in such an attempt, one has proven only that, he/she was totally inpotent in doing something constructive. If you are not going to be the most succesfull artist, scientist, engineer or even designer in the nation, be that among your former schoolmates. If you can not manage that,  it is absolutely OK. There are better ways of becoming succesfull. Be successfull in doing good to your fellow man. It is important to be succesfull in doing your job well. It is even more important to be succesfull in contributing to your family. Be succesfull in helping yougsters, oldfolk and anyone in need of help. Be succesfull in doing the right thing. Those are the real ways to measure success. The worlds most famous artist is not more succesfull than a good neighbour. They have simply both succeeded in contributing to humanity.

I do realize that some people have a wery strong need to compete. I do not know what childhood traumas make a person feel good only when he has succeeded in winning a nother person. But does the victory taste like you were actually better, if you cheated. Remember, it is cheating if you break the rules. It is also cheating, when you find your way to wriggle through a loophole in the rules. If you need to compete, compete with honour. Otherwise you gain no honour by winning.

Money does not equal success. Money is a means to pay the bills. A businessman who earns millions by any means he sees necessary to trample his competitors and workers is by no means successfull. He is a wreak of a human being. He has a sore conscience or he has hardened his heart to a point of no conscience at all.  An empty shell. Let not him define the meaning of success to you.