It is the word of the day. I could say it is fashionable, but then it has been fashionable in some countries for decades now. It has been accepted as a natural part of everyday life in many societies, but still there are those who oppose it. The opposition comes usually from the so called hardliners. Typically men who have “hard” values. Are they actually right?

I am trying to give some hard evidence, the “hardliners” could understand about recycling. The tribes of Afghanishtan have won war after war with recycled warmaterial. When Alexander the great invaded with the power of Persia the worlds largest empire at the time the afghans used recycled indian and persian weaponry. When the worlds most powerfull empire of the time Great Britain invaded, afghans were still using recycled indian and persian weaponry, but soon adapted to recycle the british armament. If they had not recycled their fate would have been sealed as a part of the Empire. When the Red Army, that had never lost a war, invaded afghans were using recycled weaponry of the beaten British Empire. They soon adapted themselves to use recycled soviet weaponry. Now, that almost all the armies of the western countries, US army at their head, are invading, the afghans are still using some old rifles of the British empire, and their most effective weapon is the old soviet made artillery grenade recycled as a roadside bomb. They are allready learning to use more modern weapons to recycle them into use against the international forces. And they are winning again.

Not to hang on a singular example, I shall give a nother one. Here in Finland we have recycled our beer bottles for ages.  Beer price is formed out of few separate things. Production costs of the beer, production costs of the bottles, transportation costs, marketing costs, taxes and ultimately winnings of the shareholders of the beercompanies and marketing companies. Since the production costs of beer itself and transportation costs have allready been cut down to further enlarge the winnings of the shareholders, these factors are not going to go down. Do not come to claim that the shareholders of beer factories or marketing companies would ever cut down their winnings. No they would not. Hence,if the beer bottles would not be recycled, the cost of making more new beer bottles would surely fall on us the consumers.

So, do not claim there is no point in recycling, no matter how hard ass you are. Even your toilet paper is cheaper because of recycling, though it may not be recycled, since recycling paper cuts down cost of paper in general.