As there is an abundance of crisis and powerty in the third world there is also ever increasing amount of people who seek refuge in the peacefull western world. A large group of europeans feel that the continent can not accumulate all these people. The countries on the first line like Greece and Spain have started to build fences to stop the masses. Same applies to the US and its border with Mexico. However, these fences are not a plug that will ever be able to stop the immigrants form coming. On the contrary it is creating more pressure at certain points. History has proven over and over, that fences and walls are only delaying, rather then solving  any problem. Look what happened to the Iron curtain and Berlin wall. Was China saved from the mongols by the Great wall? No.

A growing number of europeans are worried about the cultural threat they feel is forming by the ever increasing amount of immigrants. At the same time wery few of those people are ready take any action to save their own culture and hardly even know it. Or are simply so assimilated to the westernized consumer culture that they think it is somehow original to their own European country. This would be intellegently dishonest if it was based on any intelligence in the first place. The actual reason is only fear of the unknown. Purely an emotional response, with no coherent information to back it up. Cultures change. It has been several hundred years since any islamic country conquered a christian kingdom. There are western troops occupying islamic countries at the moment however. None of the western countries are any more the christian kingdoms they used to be and no islamic country has any agenda of sending away the most educated part of their nation to “conquer” any European countries. Those who are coming from the islamic world are mostly enterprizing people in search of prosperity, peace and happines for them and their families or simply running from persecution or a catastrophy. If they run into unemployment here, it is as much of a problem to them as it is to any europeans.

Building taller walls is only going to lead desperate people  to take more risks. They are coming in such amounts that a good many men drown yearly in the river separating Turkey from Greece. The only thing that is going to lessen the pressure at european borders is that the situation of the third world is going to get better. It is not the job of european nations to start solving all the problems in the so called third world, but we should see what is real help in their own efforts to stop the crisis, to enforce human rights and to slow down population growth. Otherwise there is nothing we can do to stop all of them coming here to share our wealth and wellbeing.

Nationalist populists and rightwing  politicians are lying, when they claim this or that law is going to stop the third world at our doorstep. Most immigrants who come to Europe at the moment are allready illegal in one way or another. The right wing politicians themselves have been creating problems for the immigrants to settle here in the business intrests of big corporations, and now they are collecting the fruits of racism. Their racism is not the open kind of the nazis, but much more cunning. It sets the immigrant worker and the native worker against each other and as a result both get lousy pay for work both should be paid equally well. This social inequality is the main reason creating the problems around immigrants in european countries. Not their religion, nor their differnt culture or skin colour for that matter.

Many leading right wing politicians all over the Europe have said that the settling of immigrants has failed. It is surpricing how many politicians have agreed for once their own policy has been bad. But of course they do not contribute the faillure on their own efforts to sabotage the settling of the immigrants on themselves. They are riding the dangerous broomstick of racism. The main problem of it is, that when you claim a certain ethnic group (wether they are born in the given country is irrelevant) or several ethnic groups living in the country are causing problems, then what is the solution to that problem? Are they to be exterminated or what? Stopping more of them at the border is not going to work because the “troublemakers” are allready in. How do you define who is to enter and who is not? By ethnic backround? Get real, or do you really want the nazis to rule? Rather the claim itself is causing more trouble around the given group, and of course the same politician can say later I told you so. At the same time as this “easily solved problem”, that arouses strong emotions (and it should because it is a question of equal rights for all people regardless of creed, colour or origin), there are more valid and real questions the societies should solve, being neglected. This suits the populist well, because many of the more critical problems are not as “easy to solve” by pulling a solution out of the hat, so to speak. Real problems like how do we help countries that are in crisis, or how do we stop pollution, are not favourites of the populists, since the realistic solutions to these would require self sacrifice from the europeans. It is typical to the populist to claim that these are not our broblems and need not to be solved by us. A wery dangerous attitude, but tempting to the most ignorant voters. The sacrifices the real problems would require are not really dramatic, but they involve our giving up our own consumer comforts. And that seems to be too much to ask of the general public. However, self sacrifice does not seem to be too much asked if the subject is the national ability to compete with other countries economically. For that everyone is invited to contribute. Or rather people with average income or less are more invited to give up on their requests for salaries. The rich can not be bothered with such details, because they hold the real power of leaving any country in trouble, if it suits their economical intrests. That is the sort of patriotism the rich harbour. They are allways ready sacrifice the lives of every available poor man to protect their own property.

Most childish of all are the people who are affraid of Europe turning into islamic in nature. They live in a fantasy world where Europe is coherently christian. This is such a misunderstanding of history. Europe has for centuries been torn by religious wars of many different christian sects. Today Europe is a wery secular area in the world. Most european christians are totally secular. To them christianity is a cultural tradition they happen to be part of. Most people coming to Europe from islamic countries are secular in that way also. That is exactly why they are coming here, where religious demagogues do not have political power. That is also one of the reasons we have prosperity and peace here at the moment. But fear is a simple emotion that even the most simple people are able to feel, and the simple are also those who are less prone to question if their fears are being used by the political ambitions of demagogues.

Here in Finland it is now as I am writing this -20 celcius around most parts of the country. The immigrant women from islamic countries go about their heads covered in scarfs. Most of the finnish women go bearheaded. Just a generation has passed from times when all finnish married or adult women would wear something on their heads in public and that was out of decency not because of weather. So, who is threatening our culture? What is our culture? Was it decided by the fashion designers in Milan and Paris? It is not this cold over there.

The immigrants living or coming to Europe are not the problem. The real problem is how to stop the suffering that causes people to move to Europe. Not because we are affraid of foreigners, or cultural changes that are going to happen wether there are immigrants in Europe or not, but because suffering must be stopped.