German Panzer

It is an often enough posed question. So, let us look upon it. For us to consider this possibility that never realized, we will have to first consider under what conditions it would have been possible. Germany was an ally to many a European countries and the rising sun of the rapidly modernised nation of Imperial Japan. Germany also had a full range of modern weapons many obviously of superior engineering. Almost the whole society seemed to stand as one behind the totalitaristic government. So, on a quick glance everything seemed to be ready for some conquering to be done. Poland, Tsechoslovaky, Denmark, Norway and France fell in a glimpse of an eye.

France was one of the big boys of those days. An empire strecthing around the globe with well armed professional military. If it could not stand, then how could any other? Gemany was banned from having any arms of attack and yet they produced in a short time a mechanized army and a powerfull air force in comparrison to any in the world. Attacking the worlds greatest military might and by far the largest empire on earth in those days did not work out. The Great Britain was for a short time in such jeopardy. For all its wealth, manpower and military might was spread around the imperium. Every army prepares for its previous war. France and Great Britain held armies sufficient to master the colonies and small professional forces were ideal to repel any native insurgencies. Germany was preparing for WWI, that the german population at large thought as unfairly lost. Germany was clearly better prepared than France, though truly France capitulated as a result of betreyal from the high command, when the supreme commander of french armed forces and leader of the government marshal Petain, a supporter of the fascist ideals, gave up battle after the initial defeats. Maybe he actually wanted to save french lives and young men from the hell they had gone through in the previous war, or maybe he was senile and thought he was signing some sort of peace treaty between Germany and France. In effect France was turned into a german colony. Great Britain however did not capitulate, and kept fighting succesfully for its motherland and colonies alike.

Germans thought they could launch an invasion if they would win total air superiority, but as a result of Hitlers foolishnes and the efforts to keep up to the propaganda the so called “battle for Britain” turned into contest of terror bombing raids instead of gaining the required air superiority. In the end the invasion was lost since without air superiority the indomitable royal navy could not be defeated even in the narrow canal. Inspite the german submarine war, Britain ruled the waves.

It has been surmised, that Germany would have won the war if they would have only attacked against Russia and left the west alone. This would of course then not have been called a World war. Could this victory over the Soviet Union alone have really been possible? If we put aside the fact that the german public and herr Hitler had strong antipathies against all of the winners of the previous war (ie. France, Great Britain and even the US) and the fact that it was actually France that attacked Germany and not vice versa, and suppose the nazi propaganda would have made bolshevism the sole enemy it might have happened, that all their efforts would have been pointed in that direction. Many of the more willing allies of the germans were countries of the eastern Europe like Finland, the Baltic states, Hungary and Romania. None of these were too keen on stalinistic Russia. But an if is an if and the nazis siezed power in Germany just because they were what they actually were. They were masters of propaganda. They had so good propaganda they started to believe it themselves. Their attack plans on Russia were based on the idea of moral, cultural, idoelogical, racial, industrial and technical superiority and during the war all of these dreams were proven false.

In the summer of 1942 the supreme commander of finnish armed forces marshal Mannerheim visited Germany, Hitler and Göring. His assesment of the situation was right after the trip, that Germany will loose its campaign against the russians. Mannerheim knew russians wery well. He had held a generals rank in the Russian army before the revolution of 1917. He had no illusions of russians as people, none like Hitler had. But it was too late for Finland. The finns were shoulder deep at the german swamp of propaganda. Finland had attacked the Soviet Union along the germans in the operation Barbarossa, and Stalin or any other soviet for that matter were not really interrested wether or not it was meant to reclaim finnish soil taken as the result of the so called “winter war”.

Before the end of 1943 the Soviet Union was producing double the amount of arms and ammunition in comparisson to the nazi ruled Germany. The soviet weaponry was in general terms less sophisticated than its german counterparts, but that usually only meant that field repairs were easier to make. Of course german arms manufacturing was greatly hindered by the massive bombardments of the western allies, and Soviet Union recieved loads of US “lend and lease” help. Yet, even so german armies found their destiny mainly at the wide steppe and steep forests of Russia and Ukraine and in the face of soviet strategy, tactics, weapons and manpower all in the end superior to their german counterparts.

 The german African effort was a major military expedition and some troops were all the time held in occupied territories of Western Europe. But still, the vast majority of divisions were fighting what germans themselves started to call the “total war” at eastern front since the beginnign of operation Barbarossa. Forces in occupied territories were in reserve, and the occupied territories kept producing Germany with products it could not have obtained were they not under german control. So, with all respect to the veterans of the western allied forces, the war against Soviet Union could not have ended much differently. It was based on so many misscalculations, that one only wonders what the german high command was thinking when they accepted the plans to attack Soviet Union. It is as if they knew not of the russian development in rocket weaponry, tanks and aircraft. And yet, they did know all about it. They had been playing allies to the soviets for a while. The Soviet Union trained the feared german Stuka pilots and miltary attachés visited back and forth in tank factories before the war, The soviets had developed first heavy tanks before german engineers had even had wet dreams about them. The idea of superiority was totally self induced by german generals. And of course poor stoopid corporal Hitler would not have anyone argue him over a subject he had allready decided according to his own twisted, racist and biased mind.

If the nazi propaganda was effective on the germans, it had an opposite effect on the results of the war. First of all, no military propaganda should ever start from a point where the invader states the population to be conqured as sub-humans that will be exterminated. That will make them wery determined in deed to fight back, no matter what their own political leadership is. Many ukranians would have fought along the german army had not the racist nazis treated them as conquered sub-humans. Some sub-humans were fighting for the nazi war effort. Hungarians and finns to name but few, were seen in the nazi eugenics and “racial hygiene” as turanian, sub-humans of the worst kind. Second only to jews. (Hungarians even had a tank called Turan, that must have represented really bad taste in the nazi eyes.) Yet, there are even today neo-nazis in Hungary and Finland. What would have become of them if the nazis had actually won?

The allies of Germany were also a big weight to carry around. Finland would not attack Leningrad, though it held a part of the siege. Also they held so long border with the USSR, and so little manpower, that germany had to assume the defence of almost half the length of it. Italy was totally ineffective both in France, Greece and Africa. So, germany had to help out. This caused the operation Barbarossa to be delayed critically. Japan opened a second front against the Soviets, but for that they required raw materials. It was a pity that all the raw materials in Far-East were allready controlled by british, french and US companies. So, Japan had to use its miltary might agains the interrests of those giants. And as a pre-emptive strike Japan tried to destroy the US navy at Pearl Harbour. It was rather succesfull, but even at best odds this only caused a delay. It was in the Far-East that the US was inevitably drawn to war against Japan and along it against Germany also. If Gemany had not allied itself with Japan the soviets could have brought fresh troops from Siberia long before they finally did.

So, for Germany to have won WWII would require 1. Germany not attacking Western-Europe. 2. Germany not attacking Africa. 3. Germany not been led by Hitler. 4. Russians to be sub-humans. 5. Soviet industrial and military technology to be poor both in quality and production rates. 6. Western allies totally refusing themselves from the guarantees of safety they gave to Poland before the war. 7. Japan not attacking US or British forces in the pacific. 8. Japan not coquering the Philippines and other areas in Far-East for raw materials. 9. Germany would not have waisted able manpower and resources on destroying a great part of its best educated population. 10. Soviet army not including women. 11. Germans not loosing all the major battles against the soviets 12. All the other major powers not being able to reach high production rates and quality weaponry in just as short a time as Germany had before the war 13. Weather conditions not having been as they allways have been in Russia…  The list could go on for a lot longer, but even these major differencies between the reality and the possibility of German success are enough.

As you can see from this list. It would have been a completely different world if Germany had won, but it also would have required a completely different world in order for this to have taken place. You may accuse me of hindsight, but it is the nature of the question that demands hindsight. There was newer a chance for Germany to actually win. Their initial success was a result of nobody expecting for them to try anything as stoopid as what they did.

The fact that Germany caught so many adversaries in the beginnig of war with their pants down was not due to superior weaponry of the germans. Nor was it due to “blizgrieg”. That was not a new concept. WWI had been started by german generals who had this idea of attacking wery fast before the enemy has time to respond. (That is, to augment the small professional armies with the manpower of the cadre.) And you know what? It was called “blitzgrieg” allready then.

The sheer surprice of Germany actually attacking was fatal to many armies, but the attack was surprizing only since no one would have thought Hitler and the nazi high command would be mad enough to try anything so risky or obviously mental. The german weaponry did not come as a surprice to any miltary. They all knew about dive bombers and little german tanks. Every nations leadership had heard the nazi propaganda, and knew full well, whom did the nazis saw as their enemies. That was just about everybody else in Europe. It was generally thought however, that this yelling and parading is all just for national propaganda purposes. They could not expect the german political and military leadership to be so mad they would try again on a trail that went totally awry the first time.

 Nazi Germay entered a high risk gamble, with little or no chance of winning. They had no options. The nazi society was not so effective as their propaganda would claim. In fact all the boost the society and economy had before the war was achieved by pressing more money. Now, we all know that leads to super inflation, unless you start a war, and boost your economy further by robbing the conquered land. They were set on a path wich was decided by a group of cultural fanatics, a chicken farmer, a romantic ace pilot and an interior decorator. These men knew how to handle masses, but where enbittered from the previous lost war and blinded by hate.

To make it clear to all my readers, my point is that the possibility of Germany winning in WWII is so remote, that it is not even worth the bother pondering on, what then. The fact that it was not obvious to people at the time being is only because they did not have all the knowledge we now posses. For example, how ludicurous it may sound to you now, germans really thought themselves superior by race. How stoopid can you get? But that is what people are like, they like to believe anyone that says they are somehow better people, and simpliest way of being better than someone else is by being born as someones child, to some country, as part of some race. For that you do not have to make any efforts your self. You are better, by simply existing. It is the  major hoax of all time.

If we play with the idea of Germany actually winning WWII for a little while, ignoring all said above, the nazis would have destroyed all the jews, all the slavs, all the finno-ugrian peoples, all the celtic people and all people mixed with any of the abowe from Europe and of course all the people who thought in any way differently. Their economy would have been run by slave labour and when the sub-human slaves would have been destroyed, they would have to have enslaved all the weaker people of their own race. Survival of the fittest was their ideal. Their eugenical agencies and ministeries would have determined who is to reproduce with whom, and the children would have been raised by the society and not their parents. Nazism and fascism are a sort of ultra free market economies.  There is no liberalism what so ever in them, exept for the liberty to compete and destroy along the way. They are ideologies filled with extreme competition within society and between societies, where war is just one way to compete on the right to survive. Then, before the end of the millenia, they would have developed the A-bomb and ended up in a war of world domination, with the US and Japan, simply because they would have never setteled anything short of that. None would have won, but propably all life and at least all cultural civilization would have been destroyed from the face of the earth. But there is propably people who think even that end would have been somehow magnificent.