There are many countries in the world that still deal out death sentences. In European countries (including Russia) this is history. Crime rates did not increase as a result of the death sentence being removed in these countries. I think there is a wery good reason for that. The reason is twofold. First, when one comits crime, one does not consider much about being caught. Secondly the murderers for whom the death penalty has usually been saved for are fully aware of the nature of the punishment. What is, or at least should be obvious to the rest of us also is, that the capital punishment means the convicted person is getting away with less than he/she deserves. To sit in a cell for years and years and years is a lot more daunting, than to wait for death for a few months. In a long time like a life inprisonment one will come to truly suffer either because of remorse or because of the ever present knowledge of being caught and not having your freedom. Either way this is a far more serious punishment than being killed. Many murderers are in a state of mind to be ready to die. Nobody wants to feel sorry for themselves for years and years.

There is also a nother problem about capital punishment. It is sometimes proven afterwards, that the convicted party was actually innocent of the crime he/she was punished for. If he/she sat in jail for years before his/her reputation was cleared, those years are lost to him/her, but he/she may continue life from that point on. He/she may be somehow recompensated.  The dead are however unretrievable. Who then makes amends to the executed?