There is still a lot of talk about womens emancipation. It has been over hundred years since the suffraget movement started and still there is no country in the w0rld where women would get the same pay for the same job as a man. I think it is bloody time that changes.

The unequality of wages is not so often the problem within a working community. It is the low wages paid from work mainly done by women within the working community. For example, metal workers are more often men, so metal workers get better pay than say, cleaners. These two professions require roughly the same amount of education and dedication. In most metal factories you have mostly men, but there are those that have more women workers. Do the men in that sort of factory get more pay than the women? No. Do the women get similar wages as metal worker men in general? No. So, men in that factory get also a lousy pay for their job. It is the fact that women are a majority in the factory, that is abused by the capitalists owning and running the factory.

Why is it that men get more money for the same work? For ages and ages mainly men had been the hunters and women mainly gatherers for reasons purely physical. For few thousands of years since the invention of agriculture the farm work had been divided between men and women according to their physical abilities. During the age of the suffragets, the upper class culture from wich they sprang, the men had stopped working the soil and their work did not need any labour. This had led them to a situation where their masculin identity had to be established anew. So they started to claim they were more intelligent than the women. There was newer any base to this outrageous claim, but since the work of the wery rich emphasised intelligence the men made this claim just simply to remain as “men”. To have something that separated them from women. There was also a “clever” way to prove this by denying women higher education. As a result women were denyed higher education, since it was possible to point out that they were ignorant. Whom is stoopid, women who could not get the education or men who denied it from them as a result of circulative thinking? 

After all, both in hunter & gatherer and agricultural societies the women had looked after the economy of the family unit. Slowly during the history some men had siezed politics by applying war as a means of diplomacy. Almost all religions are just politics and it comes as no surprice, that they are ran by men. The connection between violence and religion is obvious. From the advantage point of politics and religion men could control women. The men of war had taken all political power and formed the upper echelons of society. There were women in their families, but most of these had no power of any kind. But for a few exeptions, this principle is evident from the biblical era to the industrial revolution and beyond. 

However the fact that you are stronger does actually not make you more intelligent. Not even when you are able to bully the weaker part to remain silent. If this is somehow not obvious to you, maybe you are a bit less intelligent than you are strong…

There are still many popular claims about men being more rational than women. That women are more emotional about their desicions. Well, lets look at that. When a woman buys a car she thinks of practical things like does her family fit in the car if they need to travel in it. Her desicion is based on safety, economical and ecological aspects of the car. A man buying a car, however, is mainly interrested on silly childish things like how fast the car is. His desicion is affected by emotional things like the image of the car type and maker, the colour, acceleration and engine power. This is of course a rough generalization, but hardly an unfair one.

In my opinion equality in society is not just about womens emancipation. It is about the ethics of justice and equality of all people. For it is not just women that have been opressed in this world. It is not opression that most millionares in the world are men. Opression is, that anyone is a millionare. If you have a million dollars or euros, you have too much. Oh, they try to trap us by saying that it is OK for men to run the country if they let some women to take part. They try to fool us by saying it is OK to be a millionare, because everyone would like to be one. They are trying to trick us by saying that we need millionares for something. What we need is equality between all people, regardless of their gender, regardless of their faith, regardless of their origins.

I am not against people to be recognized for their achievements. I am not against people getting a little extra for their trouble and ingenuity, but I can not stand people being given too much power for the false reasons, like being born a rich mans son, being a clever cheat and makin fortunes by harming other people. I dislike especially people getting “extra points” by false reasons like a family tree, place of birth or especially gender.

In a hundred years the feminist movement has achieved much. The suffraget movement was a project by the upper middle class women. So, the feminist movement in general is also middle class. They see the world from their social standing. The admission to work was never a problem to the proletarian class. Actually women were the first people to be put to work in factories during the industrial revolution. One reason was, that they could be given smaller wages. They lacked the physical power to ignite strikes and their demonstrations were easily cut down by the police, the army or just paid thugs. This is the case even today. Women are taught to submit from childhood, and they do it “admirably”, when it comes to talks about pay. It is a culture not only pressed by men, but by women also. Parents teach their children. Boys are boys, but good girls do not do that. This culture is a result of fear. The fear of parents about what bad might happen to their daughter. Not by the fear of what their son might do to someone elses daughter.

The sons are taught to be bold, so they would manage in the violent world. The daughters are taught to be submissive, so they would not be attacked by bold boys. But in the grander cheme of things the poor are being exploited by the rich wether they are boys or girls. The poor boys are exploited a little less. The middle class is exploited a little less than the poor. The middle class men are exploited a little less than the middle class women. The rich women are exploited a little less than other people by the rich men, but in the end it is the rich men who benefit from everything.

Doing the same things as men has a lot of symbolic value to the womens emancipation. Not everything men have forbidden women to do is allways clever, intelligent or even right. Like smoking, driving a car, wearing pants, being a priest or fighting in a war. It should however, be the desicion of the women to do or not to do so.  And while doing so, they should get the same salary as men.