Imagine a train. There is an engine and ten cars. The front car has ten people travelling in second class. They also work as conductors and engineers. Most of them are quite happy of their position. They have jobs on the train and get paid moderate salary. Few of these front car passangers have to clean up the toilets in the train to pay for their tickets. Maybe these cleaners are not quite as happy as the conductors, but still happy in comparisson to the 90 people travelling on the roof of the train. There is also one guy travelling in the first class. He actually has in his use all the rest of the cars. His nine cars are exquisitely furnished and the people in the first car have to serve him. Some of the people on the roof are sometimes called to his service. Especially when he wants something morally or ethically questionable.  There are people starving on the roof, and most of them would want to get into the first car. They have heard rumors, that travelling in the first car you may become a conductor. Sometimes one or two of them get lucky, and they get into the first car and become toilet cleaners. There are people starving on the roof of the train, but nobody inside really cares. The different cars roofs are fighting against each other, and sometimes the first class passanger sends conductors to topple people from the train roof. He says it is because the conductors have to keep the train running, but usually it is just because he wants some ice in his whiskey, from the frosen roof. If the train ever gets to a too hard uphill, it is everybody else exept that one guy from the luxorious nine cars, that has to go outside and push.

If this sounds to you like a mad vision, then ask your self, why have we arranged the world according to this train? Oh, we did not arranged it. It just kind of happened. Or maybe, it was the previous generations who did it. Maybe so, but why are we accepting it as it is? Because we are travelling in the first car as engineers, conductors or toilet cleaners? Well, hooray for that! Or maybe it is just simply, because if we rebel the conductors are going to come for us? Do not tell me that there is nothing to be done about the one guy in first class, or that we need him for something. If we actually need him for something, does he really need all the nine cars for it?

Ninety percent of all the worlds property is owned by less than one percent of the worlds population. There has got to be something wrong about that, don’t you think?