Of all the most popular science fiction stories Star Trek is the most optimistic. Future described in the Star Trek stories is truly better than today. Many science fiction stories describe future as horrid, dark and terrible. Even if all looks good, there is some terrible secret or twist in the future promised to us by science fiction authors and movie/TV-series makers. But this is not the case with Star Trek. There are of course hardships and constant cultural collisions between the many intelligent species that sail the void, but in the end all is turned for the better through ideologically inspired action. Good will allways prevail, just as long as the good captain and his crew will do the right thing, wich coincidentally is also the code of the Starfleet. 

The people in the many Star Trek stories from the original sixties TV-series to the next generation, many movies and all the further series set in the same “future” or Star Trek universe, live in a world (or many worlds in this case) where problems, that we take as obvious, are no more. There is no political turmoil among people, poverty, hunger, pollution and diseases are no longer a problem. Wars are fought in space and against whole different civilisations and even so they are wery abrubt and quickly over.

Eventually even the militant and fascistic species of klingons has to give up their war mongering and join forces with starfleet. And what do they loose in doing so? Nothing exept maybe the most mightiest (or prosperous ones) loose face.

I cannot help it, but in my view the future culture described by Star Trek is in its essence communist. You have this centralized political struckture, where the ideological code determines all the desicions political and military leaders make. They are not driven by economical ambition, and why would they. The society is providing everyone with all they really need. There is actually even a species, that has a problem with their lust for property. The Ferengi are often described as sick in their lust for money. It is not a clinical state for them, for it is in their culture and inner being, but from a human perspective, their lust for money (equal to our own day bankers and stock brokers) is a perversion.

The future in Star Trek is like a communist society, where it actually works. There are problems, but the ideology of just society, helps those with responsiblity to use their power right. Truly in Star Trek the people are socially equal and so have no desire to do wrong. There are no big corporations that use politicians as their puppets, like in so many other science fiction books, and shows. The starfleet is not there to secure economical rights for the commercial enterprices from the member worlds, but to secure the ideological rights of all sentient beings. In the Star Trek future the modern man and woman are equal and all creatures are treated with the equal respect irrespective to their origins. Legistlation has put an end to the power hungry corporations and no millionare is able to steal natural resources from a distant planet, only because the inhabitants of that world are so primitive in technology that they could not resist. The starfleet is actually there to stop any such claim, if there ever was one. If this is not communism in its purest form, than what is?

In the stories the Starfleet has an awfully big role, and it handels power beyond imagination. It is not a simple military engine, but “more sophisticated weapon for more sophisticated era”. It’s main functions are to explore the “final frontier” and to police the justice of the ideological code. To truly protect the weak and the helpless.

In Star Trek it has come to flesh the socialistic dream, of equal and just society that would create a new people, free of low self gratification by oppressing others.

“Needs of the many go before the needs of the few.”