Arachnofobics fear spiders, claustrophobics fear slosed spaces, but what do homophobics fear? The anger and fear is obvious from their comments, but what is it, that they actually fear? I mean, that an aracnophobic actually has feelings of anxiety from a thought, that the minute eight legged predator might crawl on or even bite his/her skin. A claustrophopic person is terrified by the thought of not getting out from a confined room or space. These are of course wery real fears for them, and not necessarily pleasant thoughts to any of us. But what is the supposed or imagined situation, that frightens the homophobic?

If a male homophobic is affraid of a situation a nother man comes to make a pass at him, is he actually affraid of the way he thinks men make passes in general? So how horrific are his “proposals” to women? Same of course applies to female homophobics, with reversed logic.

When homophobics try to explain their fear, it often enough comes to religious feelings. They find proof from the bible, that homosexuality is against the nature. This is in a way wery clever, when their fear for different kind of people, is based on religious feelings, it is as if it was not discrimination of other people, but somehow sacred and untouchable. You of course have to respect peoples religious feelings. However, when people start to discriminate other people by religious terms (by the way like all religions do to “heretics”, “pagans” and “nonbelievers”), they are on wery questionable ground ethically. What it all comes up to is however, that it is an obvious lie. These sort of religious feelings are only used to hide the fear and anger, behind more “moral” or acceptable terms. If they really think, that for example the bible or the coran should be respected to the letter about homosexuality, they are at the same time demanding painfull deaths to all homosexuals. Not wery moral or acceptable solution, do you think? Of course there are also those raving maniacs, that do want that and do not even care to hide their notion. For those people that claim homosexuality of other people is somehow hindering Gods order to go and fill the world with people, I would say as my father did. The world is allready full, so that order has been achieved. Would it be time to fill the other orders, like love thy neighbour as thy self?

Common way to hide homophobia behind a screen of “good will” is to exclaim homosexual pairs the right to adoption. The claim is, that it is somehow in the childs best interrest not to be raised by homosexuals. Soposedly, a child has a right to “both parents”. That is parents of both sexes. This is a strange way of thinking in a world where you have so many children who only have one parent or none at all. Why it should be so important to the child to have parents of both sexes? Well, of course so as the child not to become a homosexual as a result of “bad example”. One wonders, what makes the homosexuals so bad people, that a child has been some how wronged if he/she has grown up to be a homosexual? Besides, there is actually evidence, that children raised by homosexuals are not any more homosexual, than the rest of the population. On the contrary, they are people who usually have exeptionally healthy attitude towards their own sexuality, what ever it may be.

Homophobia is learned as a child. It is more present in some cultures, than in others. It is usually something a person does not have to explain to him/herself. It is taken as such an obvious thing, it is never questioned. Humans see the natural world in comparisson to human society. Homophobical people say that homosexuality is unnatural, since the purpose of sex is to produce children and as such is not productive between people of same sex. However, many animals are homosexuals and the sole purpose even between animals is not only to produce new generations. For example the bonobo-apes, our nearest animal relatives,  have sex between any adult members as a social ranking method. There is nothing unnatural in the actions of these apes. Some species “marry” for live, like the swans, but most animal species do not form life lasting relationships. Many insects actually have most of their population formed from individuals that have no sexuality at all. So there is actually no natural reason in the animal world for anyone to have sex in a certain way. None that could be copied as an obvious one for humans. As animals we certainly do resemble more like chimps, that live in polygamy, than the swans of monogamy.

Culture determines our wiev of the world, but if culture is fascistic, sadistic or otherwise opressive, we should re-determine our culture.

If the imagined situation in the homophobic fears is actually a rape by a person of the same gender, then why is he/she not just simply condemning rape, but instead condemns a whole group of people who are not in general wery interrested in raping him/her? Is that not the same as condemning all beggars in the world for fear of pickpockets? Or is it not the same as condemning people by their ethnic background as thives, bums, traitors or even just as stoopid. Oh well, maybe people are wery willing to condemn other people in large groups that have nothing to do with any actual crimes…

The fact, that people are more than willing to condemn other people in general, does not make it right to do so!