If anyone does not know, or has not understood it yet, I am a finn. I am not a proper finn, alltough I do live in Finland Proper. My ancestry is from Carelia. Finnish is my native language and at home especially with my father I learned to speak carelian finnish dialect. During my life I have lived in many places and seen some wery different cultures even within Finnish borders.

I am constantly annoyed by people who say that because of immigration, we must learn to live in a multicultural Finland. I have lived my whole life in multicultural Finland. In my Finland there lives ethnic carelians, saami people, swedish speaking finns, gipsies, tartars, somalies, palestinians, jewish, egyptians, kurdish, turkish, russians, swedes, norvegians, danes, english, french, duch, german, albanians, estonians, other balts, and all the many wery different tribes of finns and all the others what have you. Some of them do have finnish nationality and passport. Some do not. What does that matter to me? They are no less people. When I was a small boy we moved to a nother place hundreds of kilometres from our former home. I learned to live in a different culture. I also learned to appreciate different cultures and the differences in cultures.

I put it to you plainly now. I know this is not too complicated for even you people who think that there actually exists or existed at some point in history a finnish monoculture. No such thing has ever been anywhere in existance. Exept, maybe in the minds of people who do not know any other parts of this beloved native country of ours other their homevillage.

I also try to be frank and put plainly one other thing. Try and follow me. It is not that hard. Even though political parties have now started to fish for voters from among the frightened simple people, who fear the change and all foreign things. Our population pyramid is showing a rapidly aging population. This means Finland needs young people. We are not making babies. Basicly this is good, since we have doubled our population just in some 70 years or so. It is not desirable, that we keep growing so rapidly. Alltough we have ample room yet, our population can not keep on growing like that, and it does not. Like I allready said, we are a diminishing nation. However to keep up the high social standards of our society, we also will be needing workforce in the future. We are in no need of more workers at the moment. We have a growing rate of unemployment, but soon as the so called large generations grow old and move to pension, there will be need for more finns. To do the productive work and simply to take care of the large old population. Now, since it is no longer a viable suggestion to increase our birth rate, we need refugee families and other immigrant families (mostly these come from the poorest part of the world), that have a good number of children. These children should enter our magnificent public school, that should turn them into full and constructive members of Finnish society.

People who call themselves “immigration critics” are allmost allways motivated by racist agenda. There seems to be no rational thinking among them. They offcourse have the right to speak out, and they are actively using it to pronounce their frustration at the matter that they are not allowed to use their liberty of speech. In my view, this is often intentional double talk, just like from guys who claim womens emansipation is somehow blocking their manly human rights. In practice this kind of attitude towards refugees and other immigrants, is the main thing that is causing most of the social problems around immigrants and their children. It is also one of the main reasons for stopping immigrants from learning “the way of the land”. The way of the land is not what some bald guy wants from you. It at least used to be the way of tolerance and acceptance.

I would fight for my country. But not for a piece of land. I do not own any. I would defend, even with arms if need be, for an ideal, that all people are equal and have the same rights. That those in need must be helped. That a person has the right to choose where he or she lives and how, as long they are not hurting others. That has been for a short moment in history the idea that is Finland. If that is lost to discrimination, intolerance and fascism, then Finland is lost to me.