In western world there is a growing opinion against all immigrants. Quite normal everyday people see people of foreign origins as some sort of a threat. They seem to think that closing borders in front of these people is a solution to growing violence in the society. Oh, if only the solution was so simple. It is not.

What is simple, is the reasons why immigrants are so often pointed and found guilty of the crimes and violence. The immigrants come often enough from the poorest part of the world escaping percecution (often because of their ethnical backround), terrible wars,  poverty or even hunger. Here in western countries they usually end up at the bottom end of the “food chain”. Their crimes are those of the oppressed. It is not so long ago Europe was full of poor native european people who were guilty and also blaimed for all the crimes they did or did not commit. Only because they were born poor. We have a number of native european ethnical minorities that still are in that situation. For most of them and their immigrant likes, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. They have rescued themselves, from the inconsievable atrocoties and poverty to one of the rich western countries, only to become the slum dweller and toilet cleaner of the local “white” folk.

The real wall between immigrants and natives is of economic standing, not of cultural. The poor have their own subcultures, and the greater the difference of wealth between the poor and the rich the less respect for the society and its institutions the poor will have.

I have lived most of my life in a country where the difference between the rich and the poor has not been so great, but all that is detereorating now. And the right wing populist politicians are using it. They attack the immigrants and the ethnical minorities. These are easy prey, for they are the poor small groups of people many of wich do not even speak our language wery well, if at all. So they can not defend themselves. And it is easy because the youth of the immigrants and other poor families see the market society around them, wich yells, that it is a virtue to buy and own, and if you can not, it will cause you unhappines and show what a “loser” you are. So they are ganging up to protect themselves against the surrounding society, or to mix in its values given by the advertisers.

I am not saying that everything was better in the old days. On the contrary. I am a son of an immigrant. My father had to be evacuated twice during WWII So he was in effect a refugee. His family spoke strange dialect nobody understood where they were setteled and the locals were openly hostile towards them. The locals were affraid of the newcomers, who in turn were just exhausted of the trek they had made towards the unknown. They had had to leave practically everything they owned and had no idea wether or not they would ever get back. They were also poor, but it was their fortune that almost everybody else was poor as a result of the war, so the economical gap between the locals and the refugees was not so great. They had to work hard, and so they won the trust of the locals, but it was not easy. There was plenty to work on, because the war had destroyed almost all the resources and infrastructure of the land they setteled in. Many chose to hide their ancestry and backround and blend in to the crowd. Now their grandsons draw swasticas on walls and attack refugees from other parts of the world.

I will not.