Most Western countries have professional armies. The soldiers are recruited and trained as professional soldiers. They have a working career and basicly do nothing else than soldiering. Most of these armies are well equipped and large. They have all the modern gimmicks to get their job done.

Most of these modern armies are bogged down in Afghanishtan fighting guerilla warriors of mediocre armament. Why are the specially trained supersoldiers not winnign? Why does it seem that the Taliban tribal fighters have the upper hand?

In times of colonialism during the 18th and 19th centuries the western countries had also professional armies. It seemed as though they could rule the rest of the world indefenetly by sheer power of their trained and superiorily armed forces. At the time this was atributed to the ideas of the western nations being supeirior by race or by morals of the christian faith. As these ideas have proven their absurdity, and sience has taken steps forward, it is easy to say that the rise of the colonial powers was due to none of the earlier “reasons” claimed.  The western nations could colonise the rest of the world in a realtively short period of time mostly because there were no nationalist senses anywhere else. The professional armies could take down a pettykingdom and tribal land one at a time. Larger empires like China had to be taken from the inside, so no national sense or unity would have time to be born.

The great wars of the early 20th century changed this all. Of course the change had all ready begun earlier. In the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 the french professional army was almost annihilated by the german army cadre. The germans proved that well motivated and properly equipped civil army can beat a professional and experienced force at any given time by sheer numbers. By the WWI all the great european colonial powers had cadre armies. Of course there were elite forces among those also, but the scale of war in both WWI and WWII was such that no professional army could have handled it.

There are a couple of  terrible “weaknesses” in the use of a cadre army. Alltough it seems cheaper, it is costly in the long run, as the massed numbers of men are not doing their productive work, while in service to the army. There is also the risk, that they turn their guns on their commander. Like the russian soldiers did in 1917, when they had been ordered to break the hunger demonstrations and workers strike. The newly raised regiments os cadre would not shoot at their own mothers, sisters or brothers. This was the opening spark that led to the great Russian revolution. Before the Tzars would have cossacks from other side of Russia to deal with such insurgencies, but they were allready committed to the front.  Stalin did not repeat the mistakes of the Tzar during his own reign and used only professional NKVD troops for diciplinary actions against russian civilians.

The greatest difference in economical terms between Russia and Germany during WWII was that for every tank Germany produced, the nation had to pay for the shareholders of Grupp and such large companies, while the tanks produced by Russia, cost only the materials and workers pay.

After the great wars (if one can call war “great”) the nationalist ideas where spread throughout the former colonized nations. The winners of the great wars had exhausted their military power and to the army cadres it was not entirely clear why they would have to fight against the freedom claims of other people, when that was the main motivator in the wars against the germans (and their allies). In a way Germany, the great nation in the heart of Europe, launched the liberation of the Third World, by trying to establish its own colonial empire. Only this time, they claimed to be even abowe other western nations by morals and even by race. This set the nations of the colonial empires to the same position as the people in the colonized world. In so doing it also brought up all the flaws in those excuses to rule over other people in general. And the colonial empires collapsed. Wich does not by far mean, that the private enterprises would have let go of their former ways of extortion…

Also the nuclear weapons had emerged. They showed to the world how absurd the arms race of nations could be. All the different nuclear weapons were produced in masses and numbers enough to destroy all life on the planet ten times fold. The nuclear weapons were the response of the western world to the sheer manpower and strenght of totaliatrian nations like Germany had been, Russia was and as China was emerging. The economics of war declared that for a market economy to run properly a small expensively equipped army – a colonial army – was the best way to keep up both appearances in parades and interrests of the western companies in developing countries. It was the scalpell needed rather than the maul used during the great wars. All the while the superior numbers of the nuclear weapons were there to keep the mighty totalitarian nations at check. The fact is, that this kind of prfessional army could never stand if push came to showe, against a wast army cadre of the Eastern block, but it did not have to, because even they were not mad enough to launch a nuclear war.

The building of expensive specialist weapons is an easy way to move public tax money to the share holders, as it can not be critisized. To critisize it, is unpatriotic, almost treasonous, is it not? “Our boys deserve the best, so they do not come home in Zinkboxes!” Right?

The professional soldier does not ask where and why he is sent. He simply does the job he is paid for. That is why he can be used against any enemy. Any enemy of the power that pays him. If a soldier of an army comes to question the morality of his mission he is usually supressed by his own comrades by nationalistic blatanties. If a great number of soldiers comes to quiestion the morality of the war they are fighting, it will affect the fighting morals of the army. So it is easier to use mercenaries, psychopaths with the ethics of an international company chairman, to do the dirty work. Just order EO or Blacwater…

These are the reasons we should ask questions, as to why our nation is at war? To whose benefit it is, that soldiers of our nation are fightin half way aroudn the world?