An unemployed carpenter turned to a philosopher and walked around with a bunch of hippies in the Near-East in a land occupied by the military of a great worldpower. There must have been something extraordinary about him, that the cult and legend were born right after his dissappearance. It is not however so important who he was or what he did in comparrison to what he said. I mean actually said.

For a man, who basicly told people to be tolerant and not subvert into violence, he has been used as an excuse for the most terrble atrocities ever imaginable, from the forced christianisation of Roman empire to the iquisition and from the crusades to pogroms and the missionary work alongside colonialism. By this measure the christianity has been just a nother terrible test on mankind.

Why is it, that it is so important, for people not to think of him as a person like Aristotle or Gandhi, but as the son of God? When he is seen as a deity, only then it may be forgotten what he told us. How he told us to live. Only then it becomes important to expect him to return to set things right. Instead we made them right by ourselves. But let us face it, he has not returned in 2000 years. Is it not obvious, that any reasonable waiting time has passed long since? Still every new christian generation seems to expect Jesus to make a comeback at their own time. When the Roman empire collapsed under the barbarian pressure people were so sure it was time for Jesus again. When it had been 1000 years from Jesus people were sure it was high time for him to return. Did he? When the black death and 100-years war were wasting land and people, people really expected for him to return, like during so many plagues and wars, before and after. During world war I Jesus was once again eagerly expected. He was not seen during the second world war either.

Or maybe he has returned for several times. Maybe even as a woman, but has been swiftly dealt with by religious bigots, who have burned him/her as a heretic. Maybe he is here somewhere at the wery moment closed in an insane asylum, or maybe he/she is the homeless person you ran into today, but you did not have the time to listen what he/she had to say. If Jesus would appear today and would do to bankers what he did to moneylenders 2000 years ago, how would he be dealt with? An immediate crucifixion by the media, I would expect.

The christians seem to expect the magical son of God to have mercy on them and forgive all their wrongdoings. They expect him to take them into a better world, rather than make this world better like the homeless, penniless unemployed carpenter Jesus of Nazareth suggested we should do. They quote empty separate phrases from the bible and when they feel malevolent they favour the old testament, wich is full of racism and bigotry. Jesus called those kind of people Pharisees and did not really like them at all.

Now I know few enough christians who are good and caring  people. Not all christians sit idle waiting for the son of God to correct the wrongs of this world, but he seems to be an excuse to so many, not to take action. The really tricky part of life is allways to know what is right. What Jesus taught is a good beginning to start understanding what should be. Read what his hippie buddies wrote he said after his disappearance (and after they learned how to write). Do not believe what the demagogues say he said. They fool you to think he promised paradise after death, but that is just a nother cheap way to avert you from his real teachings.

Do you know any poor priests? Do you think priests belong to the paradise Jesus talked about? After all he did say that there is no place there for the rich man, unless he gives all he owns to the poor… In my opinion Jesus the philosopher was being sarcastic about the inequality of human society, but if you do think he was the son of God and did not lie, what do you make of it?

In my wiev Jesus had a point. A damn good point it was too. It was not how to reach personal salvation after death, but rather “make love not war”.