I have no faith. No faith in any gods or spirits where ever they may be.

I have no faith in humanity. No faith in the parliamentarian or democratic systems. No faith at all.

I have no faith in nature. No faith in the all powerfull energy of life. The void is the only eternal entity.

I have hope for life. That the sole mission of humanity is not only to destroy worlds, or that there at least in the endless reachess of space exists life somewhere, where we cannot reach and corrupt it.

I have hope for humanity. Hope that compassion and reason will prevail over greed.

I have hope. Hope that there might be spirits of supernatural beings, who would have righteous midns. Hope that our ancestors have not perished into nothingness and are able and willing to help. But that hope is waning.

The difference between faith and hope is that faith is the classical example of wishfull thinking. When something you can not influence could be like you want it to be, you may just believe it so. When you wish your loved one would have not died, but you know he or she is dead as a stone, you tell yourself a little lie, that he/she has gone to a better place. And to make it more believable, than just makebelief, you call it faith.

One may loose faith and one might loose hope and survive.  The cynic might feel himself safe from emotional harm, but all he has achived is loosing. If one is to achieve something for a better world, one needs hope.

We may not ever be able to win death and I think we should not even try, but we should try to make human life worth living. Not only for ourselves. Not only for those we love. Not only those who we connect like the sitizens of our nation. For all people. So no one would even feel the  need for a better chance in afterlife. Unrealistic you say, but that is only because you have accepted the wrongs of this world and life as necessities.

The rich need not be so rich and the poor need not be so poor. The sick need not be so sick and the different need not be so discriminated. There is no law of nature that determines that so. It is all up to us humans at the moment and on this one world we now posses.

To accept faith in a better afterlife, or political system we have, or even that human nature makes us so, is to accept the wrongs of the world. One must struggle to make the world a better place and for that you do need hope.