Who would you have been in the middle ages? To keep it simple, do not think of your profession unless it really is something that existed in the middle ages. Even if you are ( lets say for the sake of argument)  a blacksmith, your position in the modern society does not necessarily respond to the one of a blacksmith in the middle ages.

Anyone who has a lone for education, car, appartment or house, would have had the position of a serf. These people would not have anything to do with “middle class”. Just like it is for them in these modern times, we are living at present. They are proletarians. That is people, who sell their work to someone who pays for them what he wants to pay for it.

A person who actually owns enough land to support their family nowadays, would in the middle ages be called a peasant, no matter to what fine family they belong to.  A person who today owns an appartment or a house, has a car bought with cash and is an entrepreneur, would have been counted an artisan or in the small time bourgeois class in the middle ages. A rich bourgeois person would have been a rich bourgeois person…

In middle ages there were men who could join tournaments and bear their own coat of arms. In these modern times a cimilar person to them would be someone who owns an expensive sportscar and a go-fast-boat. The sportscar would count for the warhorse and the boat would represent the cost of a suite of armour. The modern version would have a bodyguard to represent a squire, a personal secretary to represet a scribe or chaplain and a butler to represent a chamberlain or such. The modern version of a nobleman would also have to employ at least some hundred people, just like his medieval counterpart.

For you to have been someone with political power in the middel ages, like a baron or such, you would have to be someone with political power like a minister today. Preferably a minister from a conservatively alligned party, with substancial inheritance. A common modern parliamentary representative, with no other income than the pay from the political profession, would have been no more than a commoner representative in the imperial diet.

A modern soldier below the rank of a colonel, would have been counted in the poor bloody infantry during middle ages, presented at the battlefield mainly as arrowfodder.