I am so disappointed at president Obama. For when he said he would close the disgraceful prison camp at Guantanamo, he only ment to move the prisoners to  a nother prison and still whitout indeitment. These people have been there for years whitout any legal processing. They are not charged with terrorism. They are not charged about anything at all. They are just sitting there whitout knowing when they are going to be released or wether they are going to be released. Many of their relatives do not even know where they are.  Holding them is against any civilised law. Taking them there was against the Geneva convention rules of war.

The US and some of its allies have been knowingly perversing the Geneva convention rules for years. The current NATO assault rifle calibre for example is a clear violation against the Geneva ban on dum dum bullets, because the bullet has same impact effect as the forbidden bullit. The term “illegal fighter” is a fabrication against the rules of war as to partisan fighters, that should be treated as prisoners of war. The fact that a nation can not provide it’s soldiers with a uniform does not make them less official soldiers. The torture of detainees “wether civillian or prisoner of war” is clearly forbidden and defined as a war crime. Willfully depriving one of the right to a fair trial is a war crime. The destruction of property whitout obvious military use is a war crime. But hey, the serbian bicycle factory was prowiding their army with bicycles, so it was a legit target for bombing… Right? No wonder the US does not want to give it’s soldiers for the haag international war crimes tribunal.

The prisoners of Guantanamo know full well that other prisoners have been tortured. It must be a wery traumatising experience to know that you may be tortured by the official prison keepers at any time. Not to mention how traumatising it is to the tortured people.

What of the rest of the world? Many countries have condemned the Guantanamo prison, but are still supporting the US lead “peace” keeping operation in Afghanistan. There is no peace to keep or to be reached by the means of war. Now the Nobel price winning president Obama is increasing troops in Afghanishtan, and it seems obvious that the plan is the same as in Iraq. To consolidate some sort of lul in the war to get an excuse to withdraw, leaving some garrisons at crucial points.

What of the US taxpayers and politcal debate? The taxpayers keep funding this shamefull new prison and the outrageously expensive war that clearly produces more terrorists than subdues. Terrorists do not need training camps. They need motivation and the US is handing out plenty of that. At the same time the monetary price or humanitarian cost of the war or this infamous prison at Guantanamo are not debated in the America, what is debated is how dangerous it is to bring those terrorists into Illinois.

And what of the prisoners? Why have they not been indeited? Is it not because there is no evidence against most of them or almost all of them, that they ever were terrorists? Some of them were fighting for their own country, some were volunteers trying to fight against US imperialism. Some of them were simply passers by who got sold to US forces as terrorists, because sombody needed the money (most probably to buy weapons to fight the invading US army).

USA has many military bases on foreingn ground. Some of them are there because they were invited by the governmets of those countries (say “Great” Britain for example). Some are there because USA won a war against the country and set a puppet governmetn to ask their precense there (Germany and Iraq). Then there is Guantanamo bay, which is on Cuban soil whitout an agreement by the Cuban government. It actually has been there for decades like that. And they have a concentration camp there. It is there, because somehow magically the US law does not abide there. Cuban law does not abide there either, or any other law for that matter. 

After all that has happened in the war on terrorism and in Guantanamo prison it is clear that it will take a pretty simple person to claim that the USA is standing for human rights or any sort of democracy.