The most recent and uniting value of the western world! Oh, yes it is. Everybody seems interrested in landscape. At least the one next door to them. It is wondrous how this common cause unites those who would save our world from pollution and the climate change, religious bigots and those who think that a windmill is a particularly ugly piece of scenery.

Only difference is who gets their will. It seems that if a neighbourhood is protesting against a new motorway conjunction or a factory, it is much less likely for their protest to have an effect, than if they are protesting against a windpark. Why is this? Maybe one reason is that the motorways and factories are not often built in landscapes like seashores, where the rich people live. That however is where the windmills should be built, for that is where the wind blows.

In Switzerland they reached a new peak of democracy when a civil wote took place about mosques and minarets to be possibly built. The people clearly stated that they do not want mosques of especially minarets in Switzerland. Interresting enough is that muslims are tolerated when they clean up toilets, but if they practice their religion it is seen as abomination. This is bigotry and purest form of racism. It reminds me about people who would not have an alcoholist safehouse to their neighbouhood. The reason was soposedly that the alcoholists would be a hazard to the children of the community. I have lived in a neigbourhood with an alcoholist safe house, and because the safehouse would not have alcoholists drunken there they never caused any trouble. There was a school next door to and I doubt if most people in the neighbourhood even knew there was an alcoholist safehouse there.

The real reason for quite ordinary people to protest against windmills and alcoholist or any other kind of safe houses for that matter, is that they fear for the value of their real estate. This is of course a wery real fear. Or is it? Who tells people that their houses are worht less if there is a windpark nearby. Would a nuclear powerplant or motorwayconjunction increase the real estate value? Ironically, yes it would. Motorway means “easy access” and nuclear power plant engineers need housing. But do you really think that windmills make more noise than a motorway, or would you want to live next door to nuclear powerplant?

Europe is multicultural and has allways been. There have been muslims in some European countries for centuries. Even Switzerland in its unreachable mountain reaches has several different languages and cultures within its boundaries. They have co-existed even when some are protestants and some are catholic. But it is easier to get a permit to build giant viaduct through a mountain village than to build a mosque there. Are these problems in any proportion.

It may yet be that the climate change will not be so dramatic as cientists predict. It may happen that the nuclear power plant next door does not explode after all, but do we really dare to take the risk?  When a nuclear powerplant goes (even a single one of the hundreds in operation and thousands that have been planned) it does not only ruin the landscape or the neighbourhood. It may take down whole nations.

We of course hope for nothing bad to happen, but things do not happen or not, just because we hope so. It is time to wake up and take action. Everyone, not just the great powers that be, but all of us. People have the power to make the necessary change and if they do not, they have to sieze that power, because it belongs to us. Wurther more, it is our responsibility to the future generations and to all living things. It may mean that we will lose some of our precious property, but this is far worse an enemy we are now facíng than the nazis ever were. The whole ecosystem and all of human race is in jeopardy just to satisfy the lust for riches of a wery small minority of billionares. This is the generation that cannot hide behind claims like “we did not know”, because that reasoning is no longer valid. If you do not know enough about climate change and tolerance, you just have to find out!

But dont worry. Maybe nothing will happen, and if something does, maybe nobody will notice that you did nothing. Maybe your children get to live a good life and maybe you wont be there to see when your grandchildren fight for survival because of your selfishness. Maybe you wont hear them cursing you, because you are allready dead or because they were never born.

One thing is for sure. If the dutch had decided that the windmills are too ugly to built few hundred years ago, there would no longer exist a country called Netherlands any more.