In my opinion there are no full contact sports. Full contact and sports are terms that exclude each other. Sportsmanship means polite conduct that abides to rules. Full contact supposes… Well, full contact. With full contact there can hardly be any rules. Otherwise it would not be “full”. Whitout rules combat is not sport.

Maybe men with minor sexual identity have a spesific need to boster their unsure selfesteem by creating a violent image. Or maybe they are some sort of wery scared people who fear everyone and have a need to make other people scared so they would not feel so frightened themselves. No really. I have no idea, why it is so important to some guys to use the term full contact, but it seems wery wery important indeed to make fuss about it.

For example, it is an often enough used term by some re-enactors. They call it full contact, that they have no weapon control or no emotional control when representing a mockfight. In real battle these attributes make you a bad or even more likely a dead warrior. If a swordfight would be “full contact” it would mean that the protagonists would intentionally and in full control  use sharp weapons to hit each other where it does not only hurt like hell, but actuallydisables or kills outright, (no matter how much armour is worn) like the face, armpits or the groin. They would definately not hit on each others helmets.