President Obama got the Nobel peace prize quite unexpectedly. That is, I was surpriced. Why, he has not yet been in office for even a year, and seems to have actually done wery little for peace. The Nobel prize comittee also stated that the american president has spoken openly about the climate change.

What has president Obama actually achieved? For the climate change he has done absolutely nothing, but of course in comparrison to his predecessor it is a lot to even admit, that there is a climate change going on and that something could be done about it. Also in comparisson to mr. Bush, he has decided to draw the american forces from Iraq. It still remains to be seen if this will actually lead to any peace. It is not like it would, in any way, repay the Iraqi people the terrible amount of loss of life and property that the american invasion caused. At the same time president Obama is actually ready to increase the troops in Afghanistan.

Wether president Obama increases troops in Afghanistan or not, that war has allready been lost. Only people who can win a civil war in Afghanishtan are afghans. Only iraqi people can win the civil war in Iraq. This is the nature of civil war. Foreign troops may cause a certain side to win this kind of war, but in the end they will not win it. If foreigners are seen as a separate party in a civil war they are in fact invaders, and will end up to be hated by the populace.  They may however loose in such a war. Like the US troops have now lost in Iraq. Like they lost in Vietnam and like they will loose in Afghanistan. No doubt powerfull multinational corporates that rule the United States of America will win in these conflicts. They will sell armaments, oil and other energy sources, but the american tax payer will loose. He will pay for the armament because the invaded country is too poor. The american tax payer seems always be loosing. What will he get for his taxmoney? More weapons and military operations in foreign countries he cannot even place on the world map? Is Obama about to change this? At least he is trying to offer some of the taxmoney back to the people by trying to get the government to pay the health insurance of the wery poorest of people. For they are taxpayers also. Their liberty to live in the streets and slums is not being threatened by muslim extrimists somwhere on the other side of world, so they may expect to get their taxmoney back as free healthcare.

Of course the biggest loosers are allways the poor people living in the conflict areas. Do not mistake your rulers to be looking out for your benefit you, average citizen. The time of the national states is over, and the true rulers of the world are the wery richest of people whose busines knows no nationalities, exept when national feelings are easy way to rouse public opinion to give “casus belli”.

One of the reasons for president Obama to be given this prize is that he has given a promise of hope. That politics actually stand for the will of the majority of people in the so called democrasies, and not the benefit of the wery few richest. It remains to be seen wether or not he will be able to free himself from the leash of the unseen hand of the multinational corporate world. Or if it ever was his goal at all.

Maybe this prize will put pressure on an american president to finally act for peace and not for war, but maybe, just maybe there are other people working for peace (and against the climate change) who could have had more use for the money included in the actual prize.