I was a young schoolboy, when my teacher for mothers tongue told our class her opinion about christianity. In her mind christianity was the worlds most widespread religion because “it was the only religion of love and peace”. I still remember how dazed and amazed I was at that claim. But not for long. I rushed to replie her, that I absolutely agreed. That it was obvious that christianity had spread so far and wide in the world just because of it´s peace mission, and not at all because it was the religion of the agressive colonialist empires of Europe. Why our ancestors turned to christianity because they were hippies and not at all under pressure from foreign crusaders. I also said that it is obvious that for example budhism is a raw and violent religion, since for example Gandhi was such an agressive guerilla leader… I was removed from the class. The teacher did not appriciate my sarcasm. After that I was not wellcome to her lessons. I had to go for those lessons with children who had serious learning difficulties. I was being punished for my opinions.

While Jesus teaches love and peace, it is not allways wery clear to people who worship him as a son of a god. It seems easier not to read the philosophers teachings, if you can instead of learning from him just to worship him.

This is not so only with christianity, wich as a religion is more affected by the crusading knights and colonial businesmen than their actions and thinking has been or is affected by Jesus. Also the buddhists may pervert the teachings of Buddha and example of Mahatma Gandhi. For example, what is Zen, other than a complicated way to say Buddha had it completely wrong, but if we worship him we may use his authority?

When buddhism came to Japan those people with the traditional and hereditary trades of working with animal flesh and skin became second rate citicens and their decendants still suffer that position. During the first bhuddist dynasty of Japanese emperors it was seen as dirty to eat warmblooded animals. And why not? The warm blooded animals show all the signs of anxiety when they are brought to the slaughter. This idea suited the japanese well since they have wery little of land and the ocean all around of them. Eating fish was all right. By the limited knowledge of those days all seacreatures were seen as fish. But the whales and dolphins are not fish. They are more sentient beings than any dry land animals. They actually have more braincapacity than the homo sapiens (sapiens=wise, being rather selfrighteus name). When a whale or a dolphin is in distress the other sea mammals which hear its calls definetively show more capacity for emphaty than most humans, if any, can brag about.  But the japanese hunt the whale and dolphin because they think it gives them more sexual potency. As if there were not enough of japanese allready and as if they did not knew that the seamammals are warmblooded.

My point is, that it is wery difficult to find a religion that would not have been used as an excuse for violence and would not be perverted by the powerhungry or the idiots. The same goes for ideologies. I would challenge you, my reader, once again to show me one pure religion or ideology. Large movements of course produce more crap than the small ones, and so by them more people or more nature is hurt. This does not make the small ones innocent by far. They should rather be evaluated in their own context and size. This does not mean that all these movements would not have some good in them. It might even be that the good side overweight the bad. However what it teaches in my opinion is that you should not believe any of them blindly. If you do, you will be lead by demagogues.

The most dangerous situation is when the religion or ideology sets itself as the obvious world order. That is when it is no longer seen as one among others, but as the sole truth. In that case it is the priest, the politician or even the businesman who will do the thinking for you. You no longer need to bother, but you also no longer have even the actual right to do so either.

In western society the once allpowerfull church has lost its grip. There are large uneducated masses who still are led by the priests to total folly. But the businesman has taken initiative in society. It is the market that rules our lives now. It is represented as a sort of god or unearthly and all powerfull force that can not be controlled. The businessmen decide what we want of life and who we will wote for in the elections by deciding wich of the candidates will be supported in their campaigns. We have governments, that  may over and over again explain all the injustice in society by the invicible and invincible hand of market economy.

Market economy has turned into a religion. The one true religion and god by whose will we will stand or fall. It is the markets that decide wether or not we may live on our ancestrall soil or work in our traditional professions. It is the markets that decide when we will go to war and when we will simply exploit the weaker nations people or natural resources. And what is frightening, we have accepted it as singular truth that this is the natural state of human behaviour. That we are primarly apes that compete with eachother and the neighbour tribe. That compassion and co-working for common or even greater good are less valuable and not in our natural behaviour. We are led by the most greedy psychopaths of the business world, and maybe we deserve them since we let them to.