Denmark has been known for quite a liberal society. The danes are usually seen as easy going beer drinkers. The danish conservative politicians have of late started to gain popularity by bigotry.

Now danish right wing politicians have launched a communal elections campaing with a wery “important” theme to stop mosques to be built in Denmark. This should make the voters suspicious. We can all imagine that Denmark is a nice place to live in, but who could have guessed that the building of mosques is the burning problem of danish society? What real questions the right wingers are trying to conceal? Or are they simply trying to ride on the peoples most unnoble feelings of bigotry and fear?

A fact is that muslims are the second largest religious group in Denmark. What kind of narrowmindednes and down right malicious ill will is behind the thought that these people should not be allowed to practice their religion? How would Israel react if the danish right wing politicians were campaining against synagogues? Would the USA have a say in the matter? They are, after all, going around the world setting things right with their military might.

No wonder if new generations of terrorists are born from muslims who have lived in the western countries, when even the most liberal societes like Denmark seek to treat them as pariah, or at least as second class people.

EU countries get a certain number of parliamentary representatives to the parliament of  European Union by their population count. However not all these people may vote in the election. For example Germany has more representatives in the EU parliament, than their number of people who may vote would count for. Many of the people who are thus represented in the parliament, but could not have a say on who is representing them, are partly under aged, but a great number of them are also turkish or of other origin living in Germany. Some of them have lived there for years. Stuffed in ghettoes. Getting lower salaries and kept not only as cheap labour but also to keep general price for work low.

This is how it works: The foreingn work force is brought from a poor developing country to the western country. There they are set apart from the local society and bigotry and suspicion is brought up between them and the local work force. The poor foreigners are initially ready to work for cheaper and so they give the local employers a lever with wich to threaten the local work force. If the locals are demanding too much they may be replaced by cheaper foreigners. This is especially used by those jobs done by less educated population, but as the foreigners and their children get more education they may be used to threaten more and more complicated jobs. In order to this to work it is imperative that the local population learns to hate the newcomers. Sometimes this is achieved just by bigotry of strange looking people. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort like pointing their strange cultural habits and religious beliefs. After all the most effective way to separate them from the local society is settle them in large clusters in areas where the poorest and unemployed local habitat live. Conflict is ready. Conflict prevents the newcomers from demanding the same rights as locals have, and as a result they end up pulling the living standards of the locals down.

So by simply hating your muslim or any other foreign neighbour -you common worker-  you are actually pulling your own  income down! Consider this.

Ofcourse not all foreign workers are muslims. Oh no. Most foreign workers in Europe are christian europeans. Are they in fact any more wellcome to their new homecountries than the muslims? Do they really differ from the muslims in any particular way?

Western governments would have all the means to fight this problem by settling the newcomers as part of the existing society, explaining them how western society works and looking after their workers rights, but they will not. This is because most political  parties are in bed with big companies, and it is in the interrest of the big companies to keep down the work costs.

Divida et coquera!