The german nazis were suffering a serious problem of illusion of superiority before and all the way to bitter end of the second world war. They thought themselves to be morally, genetically and technologically superior to other nations.

Their technological superiority was soposed to manifest it self in better quality weapons, that would make winning wars easy. When in fact they had some pretty advanced weapons, their high tech nature was often their demise. The german tanks and aeroplanes took often far longer to manufacture and they were more expensive, than their counterparts made by the allied nations. They were better as such, but they could not possibly meet the demands of a war of attricion. When a Tiger tank was damaged on the field, the nearest person who could repair it was thousands of kilometers away in “Der Fatherland”.

Their genetical superiority was total crap. It worked as a propaganda weapon to mobilize the nation and after a couple fast surprice victories it seemed like the truth, but after defeats had started to mound up the supposed genetical superiority started to seem more like a bad joke. In the end the lie about genetical superiority resulted in the destruction of large quantities of highly educated portion of the nation. The german jews who had contributed in the war effort in the WWI were separated, collected and exterminated. This all ate up enormous amounts of the warring nations resources. It also led to an outrage of many other nations.

 Most dangerous of these illusions of superiority was however the illusion of moral superiority. For this was the road to the aforesaid attrocities. Because the germans saw themselves as morally higher beings, than other nations, it made all their deeds acceptable. It was a trap, where people saw themselves simply bringing forth their nations fate as leader among nations. So they could do no wrong. If a german was to slaughter slavs to make some “lebenstraum”, it was only natural order of the world. It could not be wrong, because it was Germanys aim. And being morally higher the germans could do no wrong. An endless circkle…

The United States of America is suffering from a serious problem of illusion of superiority. They see themselves as morally, economically and militarily superior.

The illusion of American military superiority is based on the sheer amount of money they spend on weapons and high tech gimmicks their weapons are filled with. This illusion has been a carefully built up image. It is just as true as cola adverts. In reality american high tech weapons suffer from typical high tech problems. These weapons are crewed by the least educated and least talented portion of american manpower, because those people are most willing to join in the armed forces. The whole military industry is a highly protected area of industry that produces tons of crap that would and does not sell in the “free market”, but is payed for by the american taxpayers.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union it has been a known “fact” that mankind was meant to be living in market economy. Infact, it is often seen as obvious that free markets are a way for happines to everyone. For some reason even in the USA not all people are happy and live in prosperity. A survey few years ago pointed out that american people were happier in the fifties. A regular family had one car, a refridgerator and a radio. Now, not even with televisions, computers and microwave ovens are people not happy. They have been told by the markets that to be happy they should have plasma televisions, sportcars and hifi surround hometheatres to reach happines. And of course there is no end to what adverts will tell you simply can not live without. At the same time small Caribean island has reached same level of infant death rates as the US, 100% read and write statistics and free public health and university education system. All this dispite it has been commercially embargoed by USA for nearly sixty years. How is it possible that USA can not afford to pay for its citicens healthcare, while a country like Cuba, that produces only cigars and sugar has managed to offer this service to its citisens? Maybe they just have stronger economical model?

The USA has set it self to be the moral leader of the world. American armies fight wars all around the globe to secure human rights, democracy and freedom of speech. Or that is how these conflicts are sold to us. The trap of moral superiority has been triggered. By accepting Guantanamo prison americans have made it public that they are ready to sacrifice the wery ideals they claim to fight their wars. This is based on two obvious lies. First that the americans need to protect them selves from outsiders who are envious of the perfect american way. Now why would the people who are being forced the american way be envious of it? Why would you be envious of something you are getting? Second lie is that USA is a democracy. It is not. A country where it costs money to register to wote is not a democracy. A country that has no political option is not a democracy. The two major parties that compete power in USA are both by the rich people and for the rich people. Other one is conservative and the other is liberal, but neither has nothing to serve to the common worker or the millions of opressed poor.

The nazis are often mentioned as masters of propaganda, but this is highly exaggerated. After all, they fell in their own propaganda. Their propaganda blaimed the jews of all the problems of German society, but in the end they had to do something about it, and that cost them dearly. For propaganda reasons they employed popular war hero Herman Göring as leader of Luftwaffe. He believed his own propaganda and Hitler believed it also, when Herman claimed he could arrange the supply of the besieged german army in the ruins of Stalingrad. It was absolute fable.

The Soviet Union is often mentioned as a propaganda manufactory. But their propaganda was in such contradiction with the peoples everyday lives that in the end the whole government was owerthrown. So propaganda was their downfall too.

The true masters of propaganda during the 20th century were the americans. The US has somehow managed to convince their population that they are somehow truly blessed just to be born in the USA. This belief is strenghened by millions of people trying to get into the US from the poor countries of the Third world. The fact that the millions poor pouring from Africa, Asia and South America are escaping the horrible poverty caused by western industrialists has not glanced the minds of most americans any more than the fact that it is not so exelent being an american whitout a job or just born poor. Not even the poor seem to notice it. Ironically enough most american homeles men are veterans of wars fought in far away countries for reasons they never really understood.

You may call me antiamerican, if you wish, but I simply see myself as an anti-imperialist. Be the imperium US, EU, USSR or what ever, I am against it.