The moral leader of hundreds of millions of catholic christians and subsitute of Jesus on earth has had some wery strange comments lately. Short while ago he absolved some bishops who were suspicious of the holocaust having ever happened. Now the old man living in voluntary selibacy, wearing skirts and appearing in public under false name and who believes himself to be infallible has claimed that condoms do not help preventing AIDS, but infact have the opposite effect. How can this ever be argued, rationalized not to mention justified. What claims are behind this policy?

When someone whith his authority uses it for such evil, there must be gains to be had by someone mighty. This is not just one old senile person blurting out mad opinions. It is a tradition carried out by popes before him. There is surely a whole amount of business interrests behind it.

Historically the papacy has stood for hundreds of years for the istitution, that preserves things and power structures. So it mainly has protected the rights of those who are wery rich. This I think is contrary to the religious agenda based on the teathings of the unemployed carpenter from the Nazareth area. The papacy has taken part in breaking old and existing structures only when this has increased it’s own influence. For example, when non christian (or christian in some wrong way)countries have been attacked or even subjucated by catholic countries the papacy has been wery eager to assist. This has been so from the crusades to the colonialism and even nazis had support from the pope as long as they fought against communists and schismatic orthodox christians.

Some people have abhorred the pope not doing anything to save the European jews from the holocaust, but would it not have been a bit out of line or even hypocritical of them to intervene? For was it not the catholic church that first begun the persecution of jews in Europe in the first place?

The situation and means are kind of new, but the culprit and the victims are the same. The former colonized and converted countries are still suffering the results of generations of subjucation, extraction of natural resources and resulting powerty (not to mention political discordia and undereducation). The papacy is gaining power and influence by fast growing population in these countries. Population growth and resulting destruction of enverioment are the major problems, not just of theirs but also of the whole world. In USA alone fastest growing religious movement is catholisism. Why? Because the fastest growing ethnic group are latin americans. Why? Because they come from countries that are wery poor and near to the USA. Why are those countries so poor? Because the US or US based companies have been extorting them for generations and because they are full of people. But the pope is gaining political power in the worlds leading economy…

I do not want to attack catholic people or faith. I have some wery good and intelligent catholic friends. Some individual catholic laymen and priests alike have shown exeptional courage to save jews, communists or what ever persecuted people troughout history. It is not even the power that the pope wields, but for what it seems mainly to have been used for, that I want to question. This is not a matter of faith, but politics.