Many nations are building new nuclear power plants. China, Russia and Finland among others. Some nations that made a decision to give up nuclear power completely after the Tshernobyl accident, are considering to increase their nuclear energy production or at least replacing their aging nuclear plants whith new ones.

One reason given  for this is the climate change. There is a real need to cut down fossile fuels in our energy production. Nuclear power is said to be a non polluting way of energy production. This is a great advertisment. It is an absolute lie. Yes it may produce less greenhouse gasses than coal, but it still produces them. The production of nuclear fuel causes terrible waste in the open uranium mines.

Somehow the politicians are only able to handle matters that are at hand just now. When cientists started to warn about the greenhouse effect nothing was done. Only now that it is realisizing some panic like effects start to take place in politics. One minor politician just said that “when deciding about nuclear power, we have to remember the effects it will have for decades to come”.  This sounds like responsible talk, but is not. The effects of a nuclear power plant (even just one) are not for decades to come, they are not even for centuries to come they are for milleniums to come. There seems to be no responsibility for the future generations in anything we do.

Definately nuclear power is more polluting than even coal. It may have a minor effect on the climate change, but it causes highly poisonous radioactive waste that remains such for over a milloin years. Million years! We are building more nuclear power plants in a cituation where we do not have any experience on taking care of the old nuclear power plants. You can not just take down an old nuclear power plant. It has to be cased in meters deep concrete. There has to be safety perimeters. It has to be guarded all the time, because otherwise someone could make a “dirty bomb” of it. A truck load of conventional explosives in the dismantled nuclear power plant could cause radioactive cloud and fallout in hundreds of kilometers distace from the said plant. Even the best of concrete does not remain as long as the power plant remains radioactive, so the casing process has to be repeated again and again.

If all I say is true, then why the hell are we building these monstrosities? Well, it’s rather simple really. Nuclear power is a great business opportunity. It is the cheapest way to produce energy for the power company. You see, none of the nuclear power plants are insured for the possibility of an accident. For example, if something like Tshernobyl would happen again, nobody would have to pay for any of it. It would take such a sum of money that there is no insurance company that could handle it. So there are special laws that protect the nuclear energy from the demand of insurances. When the power plant is shut down and the actual prize for the energy allready spend comes to be paid, it is no longer the worry of the energy company. That is something the taxpayers will have to deal with. That is future taxpayers, for a nuclear plant is used for 40-60 years. After that none of the politicians making the decision to build one are not able to answer for their folly. All that time the plant is pumping money to the share holders of the power company. Besides in many countries the building of a nuclear power plant is funded by the government (that is taxpayers). All in all a great business untill sometihing goes wrong, but that is business, taking risks. In this case taking risks on other peoples money, health and lives. Other people for hundreds of generations to come.