Climate change has grown in the public awareness durin last few years massively, alltough cientists warned about it allready in the 70’s. What has actually been done to stop it or at least to decrease its rapid growth? well, a bunch of goverments have send their delegations to various meetings (via airplane) to disscuss it, and agree on numerous envariomental projects. Of course most of these discussions have led to arguments about who may, and how much, pollute the athmosphere. The Kioto summit led to an almost total disaster when the US declared that they had cientists who said they do not have to cut down their pollution. Leader of the chinese delegation put the feelings of the third world nations into words, when he said that the westeners would not let the chinese to ride a full buss when they themselves are driving separate cars each.

I shall not buy a car unless I move to countryside. That is, if I really need a car. I made this desicion years ago. This was an easy promise for me to make since I really do not need a car. Most of the places I go to are within a few kilometers range and I can walk or take the buss. Of course it is a little bit more inconvenient than driving a car, but at least I do not have to drive whith the car to a gym to walk on a mat. I get my wery regular exercise, just by walking. So in a way I have not sacrificed anything. My point is “why can’t ewerybody be intelligent, like me?”. By not really sacrificing anything a great amount of citydwellers in the western world could make a big difference like buying wind produced electricity. I am sure there is more i can do and I will post them here when I remember/come up whith them.

In the end I do not feel like I have done my part. I do not have any children, but I must say, I am ashamed about the state of the world we are going to leave to the future generations. They will definetively say, that those people could have done something but they were too snug to decrease their energy use. We will be remembered as the people of the era of extreme selfishness – at least that is, if there will be anyone to remember us…