In my earlier post about Israel I mourned the fact that out of all people the jews, who suffered the holocaust, are now persecuting the palestinians. However it seems they are, by no means, the only opressed ones who attack with same vigour other people, when they have the chance.

We in the western world are often reminded by the school history teatchers, the christian church and even popular culture about the persecution the roman pagans used against the early christians. They actively forget to tell how the roman christians behaved towards the pagans when they gained the political power.

If you recall the story of St. Vitus who was boiled alive because the miracle he performed to heal the son of emperor Diocletianus was condemned witchcraft (since he did not offer to Apollo). What does this remind us about? To my mind comes visions of medieval inquisition and their methods to convert jews and muslims. A nother vivid image of same proportions are the witchburning trials of the reformed churches.

Interresting part is that the inquisition was originally formed to root out “wrong” kind of christianity, not to fight paganism. Julianus Apostata, the last pagan emperor of the Roman empire, once wondered the eagernes by which the christians kill eachother because of the slightest opinion differences. 

Those abowe are just examples. Similar phenomena happens among all human societies. Opressed people seem not to learn nothing of compassion. Rather they are ready to avenge their own misfortune on anybody weak enough to be the victim. Not even religious or ideological movements based on love and forgivenes like Jesus taught or social equality like the ideas of Marx, root out this random revenge from our behaviour.

Having said all, I still hope that mankind has the ability to do better. In my opinion it does not matter what you believe, by what teatchings you live, what is your way to better the world, as long as you do not give up. Make the world a better place for future generations. Preserve the nature. Do not fall into cynicism. Suffer no opression. Do not tolerate opression. Give to those in need. Do not harm anyone who is not harming others. And most of all, do not simply believe me or anyone, but think for your self.