Why is it that people are saying George W Bush failed as a president? He was woted by the american people for a second term. He did not change any of his policisies after the first one so his type of regime was OK four years ago. When he was woted for his second term he had allready made his worst bloober by declaring the war in Irak to have been won.

President Bush has actually managed exelently. He has fulfilled the market economy neo liberalist maximum by using one of the mightiest nations political and military power to make himself and his “yes men” richer than they were before he took his office. He has succesfully defended the rights of the wery rich over the rights of the poor people. Not only this, but he has also managed to promote his own religious wiev of creationism and undermine cientific world wiev up to a point where any schoolteatcher may say to children that darvinism is “just a theory”.

The actual fact that he leaves presidental seat as wery unpopular leader does not mean much. Not in comparrison, to the fact he has never been accused neither by media or any court of justice or even congressional hearing about his personal profits on the two wars he launched, nor about the  the war crimes committed by US forces. Altough he is ultimately responsible for them as the supreme commander of the armed forces of United States. On the contrary he has managed to keep US soldiers free of even possibility to charge them to the international war crimes tribunal in Haag. Why is this precaution necessary, unless US soldiers are actually comitting war crimes? Does it not send a clear message to the officers of the US army when only the rank and file get incriminated when something like that is revealed?

So what, if president Bush promoted torture and made sure all the world knows the US accepts it as an interrigation method? By torture you may not get the truth out of people, but you get them to say what you want them to. Whithout torture there would not have been “casus belli” for the war in Irak, and president Bush and his government would not have made so much money on oil, construction deals and arms sales. Besides by torture and illegal inprisonment he made american people feel safer. So what if it actually has not made them any safer? So what if his actions has made extreme islamistic movements in the Middle-East and all around the globe stronger than ever? Main thing is that no other attack like the 9.11. happenend during his regime. Is it not?

President Bush has been accused of not taking action fast enough after the hurricane Katrina. Well, he did consider landing airforce one in New Orleans when the storm had passed. What good would that have done remains a mystery, but we have to remember that taking action to protect the poor folk around New Orleans (from the hurricane that was forecasted well beforehand) would have been totally out of line from what president Bush stood for. It would not have in any way had promoted his own economical situation nor the energy industry which promoted his presidential campaings. He only had one term left and could not have been elected a third time. So why bother, when his government needed the money for the wery expensive wars anyway?

The US and whole world economy have gone down the drain as a result of allmost religious fanaticism of protecting the liberty and rights of richest americans by president Bush. But it is not unknown ideology in the rest of the world to defend those rights to opress, exploit and extort the poor and nature. It is often explained that these rights somehow promote the common cause, and when the rich get more also the poor get more, but where does it all come from? So president Bush has only promoted the world widely accepted ideal of market economy and neo liberalism. He has made himself a brilliant example how it works and what can be achiecved by that path. What else could be expected of the president of United States?

In the end president Bush did wery well. He kept up the principles he set out to defend. He was loyal to the people who funded his campaingn and made americans feel safe. So he did a lot of money at the same time, but would he not be called stoopid, if he had not used every chance to fill his own purse.