One christian priest once said, that where “true” christian faith is absent, there superstition reings. But what is superstition? How many christians read their horoscopes or avoid number 13? How many people think reading horoscopes is superstitous, but still read them? Most of even them know the daily horoscopes of magazines are written by summer job editors.

To condemn other peoples faith as superstition is judging all religious behaviour as superstition. For if you can say someone else is wrong in their faith, you are udermining all faith. What is the difference between this man’s faith and a nother ones. Both have only their faith to testify for the existance of the supernatural either of them worships.

Maybe all religious behaviour is superstition, but for most people it is also cultural tradition and a way to analyze and see the world around them. For many it gives a sense of safety in the face of the unknown. Who can really prove them wrong? If someone could, what good would it do? Even if you call it superstition, is there something wrong about it? No, if you are not using your faith as an excuse for violence  or tolerance of violence against other people (wether or not they share your particular form of faith).