I read one of those little leaflets they hand out on streets or even at your wery door. You know the ones, that look like travel advertising (come visit Heaven, here lions and lambs are playing with your children on grass fields). It was interresting – in a way. There was an article about climate change.  It was described as “the fever” of the world. Good, I thought even these conservative religious types are finally accepting that something is going on. My joy was premature. Why is it that instead of finding the problem as somthing that needs to be dealt with, they just explained it as something that Jesus will repair on his second coming? I mean should not a religious christian see the creation as something God expects the mankind  to protect. After all,  was it not the mision God gave humanity, to look after the world and all living things in it? Is this God or Jesus sets everything right, no matter what we do, wery common among christians? Is it an assumption an adult can afford, that some one else will clean up my mess?

There are other interresting points about their leaflet, but I’ll leave it at that.